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Chapter 13

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Episode 23


Eri Kutamura

Ann Grado is a character in Tegami Bachi and is a resident of Honey Waters. She opposes the organization Reverse.


Ann is a fairly tall young woman despite being at the age of fourteen, like Zazie. Having blode hair which ends at her mid-back and is tied into two loose ponytails, and deep blue pairs of eyes, she bears a beautiful face and a voluptuous body.


Ann's mother died when she was young, leaving her in the care of her father. Sometime in the past, Ann's father tried to deliver the letters hidden from the Man Who Could Not Become Spirit, but a Gaichuu attacked him and ate his heart. Ann's father later died, and since then, Ann had been handling the letters before she met Lag Seeing. Much like Emily, her past was also similar to that of Zazie’s—experiencing the death of his parents at a young age, and being eaten by a Gaichuu.


Ann first appears when Lag is thrown into an alleyway, and tells the alarmed letter bee that she is not one of the Reverse. Ann tells Lag that he has to deliver the town's letters if he wants to get out of Honey Waters safely. The young woman leads Lag to an abandoned tunnel where the letters are located and to the letters. She angrily explains that since the Man Who Could Not Become Spirit arrived in Honey Waters five years ago, the letters had been undelivered. She continues to tell Lag of how her father sacrificed his life to try to deliver those letters, but failed when he was attacked by a Gaichuu. When the ground begins to shake, Ann pleads with Lag to help her deliver the letters, and together they begin their journey. However, the Gaichuu had sensed the heart within the letters and causes them to abruptly appear in the Gaichuu's path. Lag tries to take down the Gaichuu as Ann tearfully begins to burn a letter. She exclaimed that if she had burned the letters sooner, then her father wouldn't have died. Lag convinces Ann that her father knew what he was doing, and she shouldn't allow the heart in the letters be wasted. The two are abruptly grabbed by Reverse's followers, who suggest to feed them to the Gaichuu before being rescued by Hunt. As Zazie joins the group fighting, the bag of letters began to fall, prompting Ann to call to Lag to catch them. The young letter bee manages to save the letters, but he watches in horror as Ann is caught in the tentacles of the Gaichuu determined to eat her heart. Ann loses herself in memories of her past life and of her father. She pleads with the Gaichuu to not eat her memories. Lag manages to defeat the Gaichuu before her heart is taken, and is greeted by the original residents of the village when she is safe. Ann also develops a slight crush on Zazie as  the older letter bee prepares to make his delivery.


  • Her name Ann comes from the word "Anne",which originated from the Hebrew, "Hannah" or "Hanani", meaning "God has favoured me"; while Grado comes from the Italian/Spanish "grado", which means in English 'degree', 'grade', 'rank' or 'class'.