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Anne Seeing



An Shīingu


Empress (by Lag)




Female Female

Personal Status

Lag Seeing (Son)

Anne Seeing is Lag Seeing's mother.


Although not much is known about Anne's early life originally, it is revealed later in the series that Anne was born in Kagerou, and at some point twevle years before the series, she went to live in Yodaka, where she met Sabrina Mary. In a letter adressed to her son, Anne tells him that her family had a certain duty regarding the aritifical sun. Her family members were used as a device to keep the artifical sun from going out, a role known as being the Empress. Although she knew of her fate, Anne stayed with her son until the time came for her to be the Empress.


Anne has a very beauitful face, silver hair and elegant looking purple eyes. She has a thin frame and looks quite fragile.


When Sabrina Mary first met Anne Seeing, she thought of her as a kind and elegant individual, although naive of the harder realities of the world. Anne was shown to show unconditional love for her only son, and had complete faith in him when he was told the truth. As stated by Sabrina Mary, Anne couldn't lie, which was why Lag never knew anything about his father. Anne considers her son the light in the world and believes that is his duty to reveal the truth about Amerground. Even though she is the current Empress, she cares very much about those who live in Amberground and hopes that Lag can create a new world without the artifical sun. 


Anne Seeing

Anne Seeing's first appearance.

In the manga twelve years before the series, Anne Seeing met Sabrina Mary. The older woman noticed that Anne was dressed relegantly and spoke like she was from Yuusari or somewhere closer to the sun. Anne and Sabrina Mary cleaned the house that Anne currrently lived in, and ten days later the Day of Flicker happened. Suddenly the young woman was eneveloped in light and became pregnant. Sabrina Mary helped deliver the child and was stunned when Anne gave birth to a boy made out of light. An exhausted Anne tells Sabrina Mary to put the amber spirit in his eye. Otherwise he would have disappeared. She told Lag that when he was a baby, Anne replaced his left eye with a piece of spirit amber in order to cure a disease from which he suffered. Anne dearly loved her son and didn't want to tell him about the truth of his birth, but she gave him a letter explaining every truth about him and the government when the time came. When her son, Lag, was seven, Anne was kidnapped and taken to the capital Akatsuki to become the new Empress. The postage shows that the one who sent Lag away was her. (It is unknown whether or not if this is true.) Five years after being delivered by a letter bee, Lag is told the truth about his birth and about Ambergound. When he opens her letter, Anne also tells him that there is something he must do. He must find and gather the four other children who, like him, were born on the Day of Flicker. Each of those children has dormant memories being hidden within them, and if combined, all can reveal the truth about Amberground and change the world.


  • Lag says that the Empress of the Amberground reminds him of his mother and even Sabrina notes how she looks just like the "Empress".