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Aria Link



Aria Rinku




Female Female



Hair Color

Light Blonde

Eye Color


Professional Status

Bee Hive
Director of the Dead Letter Office


Bolt (Dingo)

Manga Debut

Chapter 6

Anime Debut

Episode 7


Ami Koshimizu

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Aria Link (アリアリンク Aria Rinku) is the assistant director of the Beehive. Aria acts as Lloyd's right hand, taking care of the minor things for him. She was earlier introduced in the series in Gauche's memories as a Letter Bee and Gauche's love interest.


As a young child, Aria's father gave her a puppy, whom she named Bolt. He would later become her dingo when she became a letter bee. At eleven years old, Aria witnessed Gauche lose his heart and memory of his mother on the Day of Flicker, and sometime, the two became letter bees. Although Aria lacked the coordination of a letter bee, Bolt was always there to catch her if she fell, and Aria felt that only she could understand him. Bolt continued to serve as a dingo to Aria before he became completely blind five years before the series, and Aria resigned as a letter bee and worked in the Beehive.


Aria is not passed by personal feelings but fulfills a job with a cool-headed impression. She's also known for her "zero coordination" that is most prominent during her times as a Letter Bee (in fact, Dr. Thunderland Jr. claims that she lacks so much coordination that he'd love to do an autopsy on the matter). This is witnessed in the anime during a flashback, as well as an episode when she had to travel with Niche as her temporary dingo. She would trip on things even a toddler wouldn't trip on, and was often assisted by Bolt, as seen in the heart flashbacks. She also has secret feelings for Gauche as what shown in the series.


Largo Lloyd

Largo is Aria's superior, as he is the Director of the Beehive. His happy-go-lucky attitude irritates her to no end. Though when troubles come, she always lend a hand to help him. Aria was visibly shaken and stunned when she was told by Garrard that Lloyd had joined Reverse in the manga.

Gauche Suede

Gauche Suede and Aria appeared to be good friends since childhood and she was shown to have feelings for him in her flashbacks in the manga and anime. When Gauche disappears without a trace, Aria is visibly distraught and cries when she tells Sylvette the news. Although appearing in control of her emotions five years after Gauche's disappearance, Aria is still affected by his absence, and like Lag Seeing and Sylvette, would do anything to bring her friend back. When Noir supposedly awakens as Gauche Suede, Aria is shown privately wiping away her tears. After the battle with Cabernet, Aria is shown to be flustered and embarrassed when she hands Noir - who had defected from Reverse in the battle -  a towel and a drink of water after firing his Shindanjuu. Aria is frustrated with herself for "being in the same boat as before."  

Lag Seeing

She serves as Lag's superior officer in the series. When she first saw Lag, she was surprised by how much the boy resembles Gauche and how his dream too was to become the Head Bee. Shortly after Lag was made a letter bee, Aria takes Lag to The Hill of Prayer and tells him about the Day of Flicker, and of how Gauche lost the memory of his beloved mother. She later warns Lag of the dangers of the capital, and is briefly shaken when Lag thanks her. She continues to support him and thinks very highly of him.


As her dingo, he is a loyal companion. He was introduced to her when they were both at a young age and had been with her ever since, protecting her in times of danger, as well as with gentle encouragement and support.


Aria is mostly seen in the Beehive serving as Lloyd's right hand, but in chapter thirty-three, Aria starts to play a more important role in the series. When Lloyd is sacked from his position, Aria is told by Garrard that she is now the director of the Dead Letter Office, and Lag is her subordinate. When Lag becomes ill and bedridden, Aria decides to deliver the rest of the letters as a bee, and takes Niche as her dingo. When Aria and Niche

Aria gives Hodai Franklin his letter.

come across their destination, Hodai Franklin lashes out angry and rants about Day of Flicker.  Curious about knowing the truth about that day, Aria continues to approach him. Hodai reacts violently and hits her on the head. After some consolation, Hodai allows the acting letter bee to read him his letter and he tells her about his experience with the Day of the Flicker. Hodai later warns Aria that Gauche Suede, her friend who lost his heart that day, would never be whole again.

Cabernet defeated.

Aria meets Moc Sullivan on the way to the Beehive, and the young woman realizes that Cabernet was back, and together the two head to Shark Point to find the most direct route to the artificial sun. She tells Niche to go back to Lag. Aria and Moc arrive at their destination, and aid Zazie and Jiggy Pepper in taking out one of Cabernet's wings. After Cabernet is defeated, Aria returns delivering letters from the Dead Letter Office.


Aria played

Aria with her violin, her shindan.

Aria's Spirit Amber ability is the Heart Restoration Bullet, which she executes by playing music on her violin. The music has a healing effect on everyone who hears it. The closer one stands to her while she is playing, the stronger the healing effects. When fighting Gaichuu, her attack, Benihiro no Senritsu (Crimson Melody), can take out multiple Gaichuus at once, but she must concentrate for this move to work effectively. Aria also has a dog dingo named Bolt, which is now old and retired. Due to her clumsiness, Bolt is often worn out and overworked, but Aria supports him with heart.


  • Her name, "Aria Link", comes from the word "aria", which is a long, accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera or oratorio; and "link", which may refer to being 'linked' to other people.