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This is for the location, for the episoode see Blue Notes Blues (episode).

The town in which Niche was born. Lag Seeing and Niche travel through this town while searching for Gauche Suede. The area around this town is covered with snow and many unusual glacier formations, including the "Elk's Head" formation. Its only source of heat comes from the Spirit Amber heating up from underground.

There is a cave near the lake which leads to Blue Notes Scale and the holy site of Maka. The Maka and Niche's sister reside deep within it. There is also thousands of frozen Gaichuu that still live despite being unable to move. As Niche's sister puts it, Maka called the cavern "The Spirit Garden", because the Spirit Insects that were unable to be preserved in amber metamorphosized into the heartless Gaichuu.


1. Maka

2. Niche's Sister

3. Celica (Niche's Mother)

4. Blue Notes Blues' Mayor

History and Lore

As read by Lag Seeing:

Around 200 years ago, Blue notes Blues was wracked with Famine…The Geothermal heat disappeared from the village entirely and the few fields there froze over. Among the survivors, there was a woman called “Celica”, who had a child growing in her womb. “Beneath the ground, where Maka Lives, there is a lake. If you drink from that water, you will live for a thousand years.” Celica, hanging greedily onto life; made her way into the cave, in which humans had never set foot, holding it to be sacred ground…She set foot in the cave. As time had passed, the geothermal heat has slowly been regenerating. The famine halted. Humans were able to support themselves.

However, one day Celica returned. Without saying a word to anyone Celica continued living for a few months, without even eating. As soon as she had given birth, she died. Everyone who saw “that” knew that “Humans” had been cursed. That dreadful “thing” which Celica’s corrupted heart had given birth to was twins. The cursed twins, who resembled Maka with “sea-blue eyes” and “golden hair” and “beast claws”…, lived for 20 years, accepting only water, and remained in the form of children. And then, one day, they disappeared without warning.