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Gaichuu Cabernet(Anime)

The Cabernet in the anime.

The Cabernet is a Gaichuu that the organization of Reverse used to attack the Beehive and the Capital. This ancient gaichuu is a formidable opponent, with its only supposed weakness being its wings.

Being able to fly, it can escape defeat and take shelter in caves to heal itself. The feelers which it uses are conveniently placed on the Cabernet's stomach, allowing it to fly over and swipe the ground ferociously while staying safe. The one in present day Amberground has consumed more heart than any other gaichuu in recorded history, even managing to develop it's own heart (as seen in it's second form with a wicked smile, and laughing). In the manga, when the Cabernet transforms, it extends feelers from its center chest and re-attaches its lost limbs. In manga Gaichuu Cabernet is a Gaichuu who connects world and heaven.


  • The Cabernet's First Form (manga)
  • The Cabernet's Second Form (manga)

The Cabernet is a powerful and ancient type of gaichuu, with very few sightings in the history of Amberground. The one that threatened to attack Akatsuki came from the cave in Blue Notes Blues, having been revived by Reverse.

Over the course of the manga and anime, the Cabernet takes many different forms. When Lag first reaches Blue Notes Blues, he finds a Gaichuu shell resembling a dragonfly larvae. After talking with the villagers and heading into the cave of Maka, Lag notices heart bullet cartridges lying around. Lag uses his Shindan's special ability to see what the heart cartridges were used for. In the heart contained in the cartridges, Lag sees Noir and Roda fire some heart bullets and lured the newly awakened Cabernet larvae outside, feeding it some of Noir's heart. After eating enough heart, the Cabernet larvae shed it's shell and grew into the fully developed Cabernet. Taking on this new form, the Cabernet was then used to devour all the heart of the people at Veritably Abbey as a sacrifice to defeat the Amberground Government. The Cabernet flies off, only to return when Lag transforms into his "light" form. It used its feelers to snare Noir and Lag. Lag, having shot a letter bullet into Noir, allowed "Gauche" to come back briefly.

Gaichuu CabernetFinalForm

The third and final form of the Cabernet.

Together, they shot at and broke off the left side's dominant wing. The Cabernet releases them to make it's escape. With this aquired heart, the Cabernet embarks on the slaughter of towns, devouring almost all the heart in the people that lived there. The Cabernet then was put on a route (by Reverse) to attack the Capital. After being intercepted by Jiggy, Zazie, Aria and Mock, the Cabernet lost another one of its wings. It still flew, and Lag and Lily together shot down another one of the gaichuu's wings, and it crashed. Connor's emotion-filled Landmine blew up on the underside of the Cabernet, blowing off the last wing, and releasing the heart of all the people it devoured. 

Gaichuu CabernetHeart

The Cabernet's heart.

Then, almost immediately, the Cabernet rose, only to recreate it's lost limbs and wings with feelers. As it awoke again, it developed a "face", comprising of mostly feelers, smiling and laughing creepily. It turned, and extended it's new neck towards the sun, only for it to be frightened (and possibly blinded?) and ran past the horizon back to Yodaka. The Cabernet has yet to make another appearance.