Cabernet Attacks is the 36th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


While the nuns head for the prayer hill of Angel Wings to prepare for their sacrifice, Sunny is ordered to poison Connor with her cookies. Connor goes into the Abbey to investigate the claims of Reverse using it as a base, and then he encounters Lag and Roda fighting.

Roda takes Lag hostage and makes her escape, leaving Connor confused and disappointed that she is a member of Reverse all along. Hazle Valentine and Caribs Garrard return and destroy the Abbey with explosives to conceal Reverse's activities, while making a fake report back to the government. After Lag and Connor make it out of the debris safely, Lag goes after Roda.

Sunny finds Connor and gives him the cookies to eat, which causes him to collapse. Sunny and the Abbey's sad past is revealed; despite trying to work hard, the abbey never rose above poverty and hardship, which made them easy prey for Reverse to convince them of its ideals. Before leaving for Angel Wings, Sunny left a note for Connor, who is only paralyzed by a special medicine instead of the poison.

Lag tries to convince Roda what Reverse does is wrong, but Roda attacks him anyway, leading to Zazie coming to Lag's rescue. The molten gaichuu, Cabernet arrives, and Lag figures out that Reverse wants the abbey nuns to become sacrifices for Cabernet to drain their hearts. Noir appears and attacks, but Lag realizes he lost his letter bullet to Roda.

With Zazie distracting Noir, Lag pours his heart into his shindan and fires at Noir successfully. Connor goes after Sunny, who stated in her note that she isn't sure whether being a sacrifice is right, but she wanted everyone to be happy, including Connor in whom she liked. Connor arrives too late to save Sunny, as her and the nuns' hearts are taken by Cabernet. After being hit by Lag's shindan, Noir appears to recognize Lag.