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Episode 3


Hisayoshi Suganuma

Connor Kluff (コナー・クルフ Kona Kurufu) is a young Letter Bee who was first seen in chapter 2, escorting Lag to his Letter Bee examination. Connor made regular deliveries to Cambel Litus as Lag was growing up, and seems to be popular with the townspeople. He has a hearty appetite and tires easily.


Not much is known about Connor's past. But he does mention a mother and father in Chapter 19 while at Sylvette's house. In the anime's second season, he met and fell in love with human Roda at first sight but as the story progressed, he came to know Sunny as well, who will later become his girlfriend.


Connor is a rather heavy-set boy and has an average height. His hair color is black. His eyes are black but they seem closed. Due to the fact that he has no self-control when it comes to food, he tends to eat whatever is edible that is in front of him, which gives him a roundish-plump body. He wears the normal Letter Bee uniform.


Conner first appears to take Lag Seeing to Yuusari to take his Letter Bee Exam. Although the way to the train station, however, Lag encounters an abandoned girl, and despite Conner's protests, attempts to deliver her as a letter. Conner reluctantly boards the train without Lag. The older boy meets Lag again with Niche at the Bifrost Bride, who had became his dingo. He later shows Lag around Yuusari, and follows him to the Beehive. After Lag finds out that Guache Suede is no longer a letter bee, Conner takes Lag to where Slyvette Suede lives, and confesses to Zazie that he couldn't tell Lag about Gauche because it would break his heart. Conner is present when Lag officially becomes a letter bee. As Aria Link tells Lag about Day of Flicker, Conner appears out of breath and tells the two that Gaichuu were overrunning an area in Yuusari, and Lag needed to go to help. Conner and Lag are directed to travel to Honey Waters, where information about Gauche Suede may be available. As the two continue to travel to the town, Conner tells the younger letter bee about Zazie's tragic past and about the gaichuu's special abilities to eat hearts.   

He and Lag watches in astonishment as Sarah delivers a heated anti-government speech, proclaiming that Hunt was The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit and uses a fake spirit amber to please a spectator. However, this catches the attention of Lag, who asks Sarah why she has Gauche's spirit amber. Sarah tells the people to chase after the letter bees, causing Conner to be captured and separated from Lag. He later watches the exchange between Sarah and Hunt and asks the man why he is doing this. As his dingo Gus helps Conner to escape, a Cirde appears from the ground with Lag and Ann. Conner attacks the Gaichuu and realizes the Gaichuu's weak point just as Zazie arrives in the nick of time. Together, Conner, Lag, and Zazie defeat the gaichuu. Conner takes Sarah and Hunt back to Yuusari to start a new life. He later hears that Lag found Gauche, and surprises the heartbroken letter bee with a party. Their joy is short-lived, however, when Niche goes missing. Conner helps Lag to find his dingo.


Carbenet defeated.

Conner's next appearance is in chapter twenty-six, where he falls in love with Roda. Conner repeatedly goes back to cookie stand just to see her, but is visibly disappointed when a girl named Sunny takes her place instead. Connor came to buy another batch of cookies with Lag Seeing and Zazie in tow a few days later. When inquiring about the other girl, Sunny confesses that she wasn't even supposed to be talking to them, but Connor was too kind to turn away. She later unknowingly meets Lag again under the disguise of a girl in order to gain entry to the female-only Abbey in order to see if it was indeed a Reverse base. As Lag stumbled on the gathering of the nuns, with Sunny present, his theory was confirmed. Much later on she was instructed to poison her cookies in order to kill Connor, but she only put minor poison in to knock him out. She also writes him a letter, willing him "to always be happy." While Connor was knocked out she and the other nuns became the human sacrifices to the Cabernet, which used its feelers to eat the heart of all the people of the Abbey. Sunny is now without her heart. Connor, up to chapter forty-eight, stayed with her "to the end." He later appears in Yuusari to fight Cabernet and helps defeat the Gaichuu. After Beehive meeting following Caberenet's defeat, Connor and Zazie resume their normal deliveries. The two travel to Undercurrent, which is revealed to be Zazie's hometown, and encounter a gaping hole belonging to the Gaichuu that killed Zazie's parents. Zazie grins at the prospect of gaining his revenge, with Connor watching him in concern.     



Connor's Kibaku Max


His Dingo is a hound dog named Gus, who is skilled at tunneling. Connor's Spirit Amber attack is called "Heart Landmine", or "Kibakuu", Yellow Bomb, which he executes by setting landmines loaded with shards of his "Appetite" on the ground and igniting them under the Gaichuu. In the manga Connor is able to use a stronger version of his Yellow Bomb, simply called Kibaku Max.



  • His name, "Connor", from the word 'conchobar', is an Irish name meaning "lover of dogs" (referring him on his dingo being a bloodhound); while "Kluff" may come from the word 'fluff', referring to his soft and kind nature or his large, chubby appearance.


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