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Darwin 1







Male  Male


Over 10 human years/100 dog years

Professional Status

Elena Blanc's Dingo


Elena Blanc (Master/Dear Friend); Largo Lloyd (Friend)

Personal Status


Anime Debut

Letter Bee and Dingo (Season 1: Episode 17)
Special Appearance: Light and Blue Night Fantasy

Darwin (ダーウィン Dāuin) is Elena's dingo, pet, and dear friend. He made an appearance in Season 1, 2 and the special pilot episode of Letter Bee.


He is very strong willed, determined, loyal to his friends and master and faithful. He does easily get offended and aggressive when his master is insulted and is very strong despite his old age.


I. Pre - History

File:Darwin and Elena 1.jpg

Darwin was given to Elena when she was a small, young child. Darwin was still a puppy at that time. The two lived together since childhood. They were great friends. When Elena became a Letter Bee, Darwin became her trusted dingo. They were always together during deliveries and during their free time. They were friends (and somewhat competitors/rivals) with Largo Lloyd. Elena and Largo would normally argue though, and Darwin always anger at Largo when he makes Elena mad.

One day when the three of them played at "Olympia River", Elena questioned Largo why he doesn't have a dingo (since there's no sign of him having one). And Largo would say because unlike other Letter Bees, he can still finish his deliveries without one (to Elena, it still didn't make sense to her).

File:Darwin, Elena, and Lloyd 1.jpg

Once during Elena's and Darwin's delivery, Darwin got injured during a battle against a Gaichuu. After the delivery, he was treated with bandages and even a 'pet cone' which is placed on his neck (used so he wouldn't bite nor lick his bandaged injuries). As a result, he can't join her during deliveries (in order to recover from his injuries). During the "Day of the Flicker", Elena and the injured Darwin came to send there good-luck to Signal, Signales, and Sein before they depart on the blimp.

Originally, their friend Largo Lloyd was supposed to be part of the crew at that time. But though to him getting sick, Signal took his place. As they say their farewell and good-lucks to them, a young Dr. Thunderland Jr. from nearby saw them. He was a replacement for his father as part of the crew, since his dad got sick at that time.

When he saw Darwin, he said to himself on how he wanted to dissect him. Later that day, Darwin and Elena heard the news about the crashing of the blimp. They learned that Signal, Signales, and few other survivors were badly hurt. Worst of all, Sein died during the crash as well. Days later, Largo Lloyd recovered from his sickness and is back in deliveries. One day, he met Darwin (who was still injured) and Elena at the bridge in Olympia River. Elena noticed a charm pendent around Largo's neck.

He explained that it was a pendant of the Holy Mother. And when she admired and commented it, he added that he wouldn't give it to her. Elena angrily replied that she doesn't want it and prefers something that matches with Darwin. When Lago said "Oh really?" in a sarcastic way, Elena tried to steal his pendant (so she can make Largo angry and can tease him by not giving it back). But as she tried to steal it, Largo flinched from her attempt. It caused the pendant to snap from the chain and fell into the Olympia River.

Darwin 2

Darwin waiting at Olympia River Bridge for Elena Blanc.

Elena apologies sadly for losing his pendant, and promises him to buy him a new one. But Largo explained to her that the pendant can only be bought from the "Village of Selca". Then Elena told him that she knows where it was, at the other side of the mountain where Silencio is. He was surprised she knew this, and she explained that Silencio was her hometown. She has a delivery at Silencio, so she told him that she can be able to by it. But Largo told her she doesn't need to since it wasn't that expensive. But Elena insisted because it was her fault that he lost it, so she went to prepare for the delivery.

File:Darwin and Lloyd 1.jpg

Before she left, she left Darwin at the bridge of Olympia River. She told him to wait here since he had to recover from his injuries. She told him not to worry since she is familiar with Silencio. She promised him that after she comes back, the two of them will play at the Olympia River. So she left will Darwin obediently waited. But the next day, Elena still hadn't came back.

Then, Largo Lloyd came to Darwin at the bridge. He sadly told him that Elena died at Silencio from falling from the Dacquoise Cliff. But Darwin didn't believe him and angrily growled at him instead. Darwin continued to wait for Elena Blanc for many years at the same bridge. But she still never came back.

II. Season One

One day, Largo Lloyd (now as the headmaster of the Bee Hive) visited Darwin at the same bridge of Olympia River. He checked Darwin if he was still okay (with Darwin being old, filthy, and weak). He then greeted him, with Darwin only replying by opening his eyes and looking at him. Later, Largo Lloyd came back to the Bee Hive. He met up with Lag Seeing and his dingo Niche in his office with Aria Link, the secretary. He hired Lag to deliver for him a small package of a pair of pendants to Elena Blanc at Dacquiose Cliff in Silencio.

Lag was surprised that Largo, his director, was the client of the package. But Lag wondered why the delivery fee was so expensive, since it was only a pair of pendants. Largo tried to explain in a calm manner, saying that it was something important. But he end up asking Aria to remind him the reason. Aria explained that there were various reasons and the trip itself was dangerous. So they had a guide by the name of "Darwin" to help them. Largo Lloyd added that Darwin can be mostly found hanging around the bridge of Olympia River. After Lag left, Aria was relieved that they were able to hide from Lag that Darwin was actually the "letter". Largo added that many previous Letter Bees who were supposed to deliver Darwin as a letter failed. The reason was because that Darwin, despite being old now, still hold his pride as a dingo (Elena's dingo). So if a Gaichuu appearance and the Letter Bee uses a Shindan shoot to defeat it, his memories will be revealed to Darwin.

When Darwin sees the memory of the Letter Bee talking with him (Largo Lloyd) about delivering Darwin as a letter, Darwin will leave and go back to wait in the bridge of Olympia River again. To prevent that, Largo Lloyd and Aria keep private to Lag  about Darwin being the letter and instead said that Darwin was the 'guide' for the delivery of the "pair of pendants" to Elena Blanc. So even if Lag shoots his Shindans against the Gaichuu, the memories he reveal to Darwin will not mention him being the "letter". Meanwhile, Lag and Nihe arrived at Olympia River Bridge. As Lag asked many people if he is Darwin or know him (which keep failing), Niche and Steak smelled something. They looked around until they found the source from a Tanuki (a type of raccoon). As they poked on it, checking if he's alive and good to eat, Lag (who haven't noticed what Niche was doing) shouting if they know someone named "Darwin". Then, the Tanuki responded to Lag when he calling for Darwin.

Niche was surprised when it opened its eyes, saying that it was alive. It began to stand up and walked to Lag. Lag then noticed him. Initially confusing him for a dog, he quickly realised that Darwin was a Tanuki. Niche suddenly went to Lag; saying that it appeared dead early, but it was really alive. Then, Lag noticed the name tag. He checked its name tag, reading it as "Darwin". Niche said "Darling?", but Lag explained that it was "Darwin". Then, he realized that this Tanuki "Darwin" has the same name as the "Darwin" person he was looking for, When he asked it if he was Darwin, it made no reply and started to walk. Lag wondered if he wanted him (and Niche and Steak) to follow him.

Then, they began to follow Darwin, who was heading for Silencio. Meanwhile, Largo Lloyd heard Connor entering the Bee Hive from his office. He heard Connor shouting his arrival. He then began to remember about Elena Blanc and him doing the same thing before. He reminisced about his past with Elena and Darwin. He remembered coming back from the Bee Hive first before Elena. And when he insulted her, Darwin will bite him while Elena cheers her dingo for doing that. And he remembered talking with Elena as she plays with Darwin in Olympia River banks. While he reminisce about Elena and Darwin, Lag and Niche were following Darwin down a path to Silencio.

Niche argued with Lag on the way, saying that Darwin was acting like his dingo; but she should be his dingo. She threaten Lag that she'll eat Darwin before Steak for taking her place (which Steak reacted surprised from both Darwin and himself becoming her meal). But Lag tried to convince her that she is her one and only dingo. And Darwin is just their guide for this delivery. Then on the way, it began to rain. As they walked, Darwin suddenly collapse. Lag panicked from it. He pick Darwin up and hurried with Niche to Silencio, so they can get help to aid Darwin.

They came to Reverend Weller's house and asked him to help Darwin. Reverend had him rest on a mat near the fire. He also hanged Lag's uniform near the fire to dry. As Lag wears his inner clothes and warms up near the fire with Niche, Reverend offered them hot milk to help them warm up from the rain. As they warm up, Reverend explained that Darwin is in bad shape. The main reason is because is already 100 years old in human years. So he is very weak. Then he noticed that Lag's uniform was the uniforms of Letter Bees. Reverend began remembering about an accident of another Letter Bee.

Lag noticed his strange behavior when he stared at his uniform. When he asked Reverend what's wrong, he explained to Lag that he remembered an incident 10 years ago. He told Lag that a Letter Bee named Elena Blanc died from falling of the cliffs at Dacquiose Cliffs in Silencio. Lag was surprised to hear this because Elena was the person Lag was supposed to deliver to by the headmaster. He also learned from Reverend that he buried her dead body at the place she died, at a small cliff hidden in Dacquiose Cliffs. Lag decided to go there with Niche and leave Darwin here to rest.

But suddenly, Darwin woke up and began to stand up. Lag tried to tell Darwin to wait here and rest while  Lag and Niche finished the delivery (and promised to be back). But Lag actions reminded Darwin about the same event with his master/friend Elena before she never returned. As a result, Darwin instead refused to stay and rest and began to walk to where Elena was buried. Lag was confused why Darwin was acting like this (since he still doesn't know that Darwin is Elena's dingo). So Lag and Niche had no choice but to go there with Darwin.

They said good-bye to Reverend Weller and thanked him for helping them. Reverend also reminded them about the dangers in Dacquiose Cliffs, being slippery and has many victims of those who fell off the cliffs. When Lag, Niche, and Darwin arrived in Dacquiose Cliffs, they found out that a large landslide had happened there. Lag believed that it must have happened earlier when it was raining. Because of the landslide, it block the original path to Walrus Pass, the part of Dacquiose Cliff where Elena was buried. Lag decided they need to find another way through. But Darwin continued to walk through the cliffs and found a hidden cave that will take them to Walrus Pass. Lag and Niche following behind.

But Niche sensed something coming and warned Lag. Then suddenly, a Gaichuu appeared from above the mountains that are next to the cliffs. It attacked Lag, Niche, and Darwin. Lag and Niche escaped unharmed, but Darwin lost his conscience. Lag grab Darwin, but he was forced to flee to the edge of a cliff by the Gaichuu. Then, Lag began to relieved how Elena died. He figured out that the Gaichuu attacking them must have attacked Elena at this very cliffs. Elena must have tried to fight it, but she slipped off the cliffs (like Lag myself) and died from the fall. The Gaichuu began to approach him and Darwin, but Niche came and began to fight it. However, Lag slipped off the cliff with Darwin.

Niche shouted to Lag that she will be there because she is his dingo. Her words caused Darwin to relieved his duty as a dingo. Darwin extented his tail. He bit a branch at the side of the cliff while Lag hold on to Darwin's tail. He did this so Lag can be saved from failing to his doom. Meanwhile, Niche was able to put the Gaichuu upside down while restraining it. Steak then jump from her head and ran to the Gaichuu's belly. Steak shouted to Lag, saying that he found the Gaichuu's weak-spot or "gap".

Lag understood what Steak is trying to say. Prepared to fire, use Steak's voice to locate the gap.He asked Darwin to hold on to the branch for him for a little longer. Darwin agreed with a reply. Lag then fired his Shindan to the target, while to made contact to Darwin's tag. It launched into the Gaichuu's gap and resonated inside it, causing the Gaichuu to exploded. After that, Shindan images of the memories of Darwin's tag begin to form. When Lag saw the images, he first  thought that they were Darwin's memories. But he started to realize that these were the memories from Darwin's tag. He began to watch the Shindan images of Darwin's tag. As Lag watched it, he learned of Darwin's life.

Then he finally understood that Darwin was Elena Blanc's dingo. After seeing Darwin's life till now, he noticed Darwin going into the cave that led to Elena's grave. He, Niche, and Steak followed him into the cave until they reached the grave. Then, they saw Darwin lying on Elena's grave. When looked closer, Darwin's eyes were closed as if he was asleep. But Lag knew that Darwin had passed away after finally being with Elena Blanc again.

Then suddenly, one last Shindan image appeared. It revealed that Elena gave the name Darwin to her dingo because "Darwin" in Amberground Language means "dear friend". After that, all the shindan memory pictures vanished. Lag understood now why Darwin was so persistent to go to Elena, it was because Darwin was separated from Elena for 10 long years after she passed away. Hethanked Darwin for saving him and told him how any Letter Bee would be safe with him around.

Lag then buried Darwin next to Elena's grave with a smaller version of her grave stone made of wood. Lag then opened the package of the pair of pendents. He asked Darwin to take care of Elena in their "next journey", and then said farewell to them with a "job well done" after that. He hanged each pendent on each of the grave stone and left to Silencio to tell Reverend Weller what happened. After telling him the news, Weller remembered that Elena had a letter with her.

He couldn't send it because it only had the name of the receiver, not an address. Lag checked it and found out that the receiver was Largo Lloyd, the headmaster of the Bee Hive. Lag gave Lloyd the letter back at the Bee Hive. Lloyd found that it was a pendent, both the same one he gave to Lag to give to Elena and Darwin and the same one he lost by Elena by accident. When she lost it, she promised to buy him a new one, and that was the last time he saw her.

He know this was the reason Elena took Dacquiose Cliffs in Silencio (where she was attacked by the Gaichuu and died from falling off the cliffs), since that path led to the place, Village of Selca, to buy the pendent he lost. Then Lag asked if Elena was a Letter Bee and Darwin was really her dingo. Lloyd answered yes, saying that those two made the perfect partners as Letter Bee and Dingo. Just as he said it, a wind blow back at Elena's and Darwin graves; now having a patch of flowers growing there, as if it shows how happy they are to be together again.


He is able to extend his tail in a very long length. This comes in handy when he is assisting his partner, Elena Blanc, during battles against Gaichuu. It also helped him save Lag Seeing during the event when they were ambushed by a Gaichuu in Dacquiose Cliffs. He is also very intelligent, understanding what people are talking about and understanding situations. His teeth are also very strong, as proven when he was able to firmly grip a branch at the cliffs with his teeth so he can save Lag, who was dangling on to Darwin's tail when he fell of the cliffs during the fight against the Gaichuu.


Darwin also means "Faithful Friend" was featured the anime Episode 17 which the studio Pierrot adapted a special manga chapter.


  • His name, "Darwin", means "dear friend" in Amberground language.


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