Dolly is the 31st overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag gets a day off from work and decides to ask Sylvette for advice on how to write the letter bullet. Lag delivers a letter to her as well from a 10-year old girl named M. Croche.

Croche likes the dolls Sylvette makes, and requests to have a doll of her likeness made by tomorrow for her brother who is away. Sylvette decides to use a doll of her own likeness to rework it into Croche's image. In the morning, Sylvette goes to Dogra Town to deliver the doll and Lag insists on accompanying her. Sylvette wants to board a carriage but Lag warns her that letters get stolen frequently in that direction.

While Lag and Sylvette sleep inside the carriage on the way to Dogra, Autobahn, a thief disguised as an old woman, steals Sylvette's package. Lag and Sylvette awaken from the commotion and try to stop Autobahn from escaping, however Lag and Autobahn fall off the carriage and the doll is thrown and left hanging over a precarious cliff. While Lag goes to retrieve the doll, Sylvette goes after Autobahn who has hijacked the carriage to make his escape.

Niche arrives with Lag's gun and Lag uses it to shoot the doll back to her. The shindan resonates with the doll and reveals Gauche's thoughts before he entered Akatsuki. Sylvette decided to make a doll of her likeness to give to Gauche, but he leaves for the capital before she completes it.

She wanted to help Croche as the girl's situation resembles her and Gauche's relationship. Meanwhile, Sylvette manages to stop the carriage and defeat the thief. She presents the doll to a grateful Croche upon reaching the town. Back at the Bee Hive, Largo Lloyd and Aria Link receive an eyewitness report of Gauche in the north.