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Dr. Thunderland Junior



Dokutā Sandārando Junia




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Professional Status

Bee Hive


Biologist at Third Bioscience advisory panel of Amberground division

Manga Debut

Chapter 12

Anime Debut

Episode 14


Hideo Ishikawa

Dr. Thunderland Junior (ドクターサンダーランドジュニアDokutā Sandārando Junia), whose full name is Aaron Thunderland Junior, is a biologist who belongs to the Third Bioscience advisory panel of Amberground division. He specializes in pathology and collects corpses for dissection and study, earning him the nickname "The Corpse Doctor" or "Dr. Corpse".


Thunderland has a morbid interest in dissection. Nevertheless he has a kind heart and cares for every animal/organism that he dissects, which is implied by the display of star-shaped memorial for each one he dissects. Dr. Thunderland Jr. studies the corpses he finds to discover new ways to prevent diseases and other illnesses. He also believes that the animals he dissects do more good than the people walking around on the street, which he tells to Gauche in chapter 12 of the manga and also in episode 14 of the anime.

To prevent infection, admission to his laboratory is prohibited even to direct subordinates, which the Bees call "Hell's Kitchen".

He also acts as the medical doctor within the Bee-Hive. He was once friends with Gauche and hopes that Lag can find him and bring him back. Zazie is horribly afraid of the doctor.

At one point, he played a part with Gauche in inspiring Mana Jones to complete her research, which she had initially given up due to her sudden visual impairment in an accident.

Also, he always wants to dissect people like Lag when he found out about his amberstone eye. He is the son of Dr. Thunderland, who runs the Reference Desk at the end of each book.


Being a scientist and a doctor, Dr. Thunderland Jr. is always be seen in a lab coat with black gloves. He has a tall stature, and wears a suit with a necktie underneath his coat, along with grey trousers and a pair black boots. His most distinguishing feature is an eye-patch covering his right eye, which is blind and white in color. Similarly, like Lag, Sylvette and Gauche, he has silver white hair, which could mean that he is an Albisian as well.


I. Pre - History

A young Thunderland Jr before the Airship crash

Dr. Thunderland Jr. is one of the six survivors of the government airship crash on the Day of The Flicker. He was to replace his father, who was "apparently" ill on that day. The light took away his right eye and his memories along with it. It is shown that when he first saw Darwin, he wanted to dissect it. This displayed his interest in his kind of work even at an early age.

II. Season One

III. Season Two