Dream Link Notebook is the 22nd overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Dr. Thunderland tells Gauche about Dr. Whitman, an expert in plants and vegetation and once an honored member of the Third Bioscience Division. If Whitman recognizes Mana's research as viable, he can put in a recommendation for her. Unfortunately, Whitman's home is located at the southernmost end of Yuusari, which will take 10 days to travel there and back, and they only have one week before the deadline.

Letter Bee Ep. 22
Despite this, Gauche volunteers to deliver Thunderland's request and Mana's research notebook to Whitman. Traveling through harsh environments, Gauche reaches the doctor's house but collapses from exhaustion. Whitman finally agrees to recommend Mana and Gauche heads back with his letter to Thunderland and Mana. With Whitman's recommendation, the panel has no choice but to let Mana continue her research. With Gauche's help, Mana is able to complete her research and build the lounge. The story concludes.

After that, Thunderland comes in with news from Jiggy Pepper about Honey Waters, a town rumored of having anti-government activists. Gauche once delivered a letter to that town and met a man known as "One who is unable to become Spirit", before he went missing. Lag and Connor are sent to Honey Waters to find out what Gauche discovered, to which, they find a strange couple, Hunt and Sarah, who escaped from Akatsuki. Sarah claims that Akatsuki is experimenting on artificial spirits (referring to Ones Unable to Become Spirit), and were the ones who made her husband what he is, gaining the support of the townspeople. Sarah shows a black spirit amber to the crowd, which Lag recognizes as Gauche's. This piques the interest of Lag and Connor.