Escape of Love is the 15th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


While traveling in a carriage, a couple named Moss and Bonnie strike up conversation with Lag. Soon, a gang of cowboys chase after the carriage. Lag is told by Bonnie that Frank, the leader of the gang, was madly in love with her and wanted to marry her, but she refused as she's in love with Moss.

After that, Niche helps the couple by beating up Frank and his gang, allowing the carriage to escape, but later falls into an ambush, sending Lag and the couple flying out of the carriage. Frank and his gang arrive and demand the spirit ambers that Bonnie and Moss stole.

Revealing themselves to be black market spirit amber miners, Frank tells Lag that the couple are thieves and that Bonnie is a con woman, shocking Moss. However, Bonnie claims that she wanted the ambers so that she can start a new life with Moss. Niche returns to rescue Lag and the couple when Frank is about to execute Moss.

Soon, with the spirit ambers in their hands, Moss and Bonnie want to sell them in order to obtain funds to enter Akatsuki, but Lag has never heard of such a way. He snatches away the spirit ambers and tells the couple that it's wrong to steal things in order to attain happiness.

Lag's spirit amber reacts with Bonnie's gun and all became witness her flashbacks, showing her to be cheating Moss of his love for her in order to meet up with her real lover in Akatsuki. Moss is angry and wants to kill her, but stops himself. Bonnie tries to kill Lag for ruining her plan but Niche stops her, causing her to run away. Moss thanks Lag for letting him know the truth than living a lie, as he leaves with a broken heart.