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Gauche Suede



Gōshu Suēdo


Noir the Marauder




Male  Male


18 (At the start of the series)
23 (Present time)

Hair Color

White Smoke

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status


Previous Affiliation

Bee Hive



Previous Occupation

Letter Bee


Roda (as Gauche)
Human Roda (as Noir)

Personal Status



Sylvette Suede (Younger sister)
Sylvette Suede (Mother, Deceased)

Manga Debut

Chapter 1 (Gauche)

Anime Debut

Episode 1 (Gauche)
Episode 25 (Noir)


Jun Fukuyama

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Gauche Suede (ゴーシュスエード Gōshu Suēdo) is the Letter Bee who delivered Lag Seeing to the town of Cambel Litus. After joining the organisation Reverse and becoming a Marauder, he goes by the name Noir (ノワール Nowaru).


Approximately twelve years before the story of Tegami Bachi began, Gauche Suede lost part of his Heart on the Day of Flicker, when the Amberground's artificial sun turned off for a brief period of time. It is revealed in Chapter 10 by Aria Link that Gauche's sister Sylvette was born on Day of the Flicker
Young Gauche

A young Gauche with Aria during Day of the Flicker.

He'd gone to the Hill of Prayer to pray for his mother and sister when Sylvette was born. The Day of The Flicker was the day when the government supposedly went out for an investigation and a modification of the man-made sun. Their mother died after Sylvette was born. Subconsciously, Aria says that to fill the void in his heart left by the missing shards of his memories of his mother, in which he lost while looking at the Artificial Sun on the Day of The Flicker, he started focusing all his attention on making Sylvette happy.

Gauche strikes a gun at Zazie.


Gauche is Lag's rescuer, who first appears in chapter one. He is the Letter Bee that found young Lag Seeing marked as a letter in Coza Bel, a small town in Yodaka (the lowest class district in Amberground). He has to deliver Lag to "Cambel Litus", a town in Yodaka, to join his aunt who was entrusted to take care of him. Gauche is a caring and enthusiastic Letter Bee. He is trying to become the "Head Bee" (Captain of the Letter Bees) so that he'll have enough money to help his sister and live peacefully. However between the series, Gauche went missing and he reappeared in the series as Noir, a Marauder.

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Gauche with his new shindanjuu, Gymnopédie.

In Chapter seven it was revealed that Gauche was no longer a Letter Bee. Gauche later appears before Lag as Noir and steals the letter he is delivering. He refers to himself as a Marauder known as Noir and appears to have no memories of Lag or being a Bee, possibly having lost that part of his heart. When Lag shoots a shindan at Noir's old cartridges, it is revealed that Noir had been unconscious for some time, and when he woke up he was in the base of Reverse. A mysterious man had reminded him he was a man named Gauche Suede, the first person to ever survive the "light", and had assigned him an assistant to re-inform him of his past and who he used to be. After receiving his shindanjuu Gymnopédie, the man assumed that he would have to wait to recover his heart, in order to fire heart bullets again. Surprisingly in his circumstance, Gauche could already fire a heart bullet, which excited the man. Gauche asked the man what he should do. The man praised him as "Gauche", but Gauche told him to stop and insisted that "Gauche" didn't exist anymore. The man named him Noir, and told him that he was now his Marauder.

As Noir, he traveled and stole letters from Letter Bee's with his new assistant Roda. In volume 8, Lag, Zazie and Connor, meet Gauche again. This time, he regains a memory of Lag that was shot from Lag's shindan. Then, he returned to Yuusari for recovery at the "Bee hive". Everyone was really happy about it and Gauche acted like he has recovered his memory but it was then revealed in chapter 44 that he only has his memory when he was still just Noir, a Reverse Marauder, however the feeling which he had about Sylvette and Lag are true and from deep within his heart.

In the anime, when Gauche was shot by Lag's Shindan, for a brief moment he acted like Gauche again and helped him defeat the Gaichuu before losing consciousness again. When he was in the "Bee Hive", he woke up after three days and told Lag he missed him and acted like Gauche for a day, where he went on a mission with Lag, and told Lag that he was sorry that he couldn't meet his mother, Lag forgives him and believes that Gauche has actually returned. However, the next day, he leaves the Bee Hive and returns with the Reverse team.


Gauche Never Had His Heart Back

It is revealed in the episodes that Gauche only wanted to help the people who couldn't become spirit and not kill them, but Lawrence was planning on using them for the most powerful Gaichuu, that is when Gauche (Noir) teams up with Lag, Zazie and Connor. He fired his heart at Lag when they fell in another area below the Hill of Prayer, when Lag realized he only has Noir's memories and none of Gauche's, except for one which was the time Gauche met Lag's mother, to him he didn't know who was that woman but he mentioned that he felt pity for her. He helped Lag as Noir against the Cabernet, and nearly died in the process. In the end, he wanted to stay with the people who couldn't become spirit and bid farewell to the Letter Bees including Sylvette. However, in the manga, he stays in Yuusari after Cabernet's defeat and declares that he will help the Beehive change the government if that is their goal. At Garrard's request, he fires his shindan until memories of his time in Akatsuki appears. (Note the anime-manga event differences).


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Kurobari, Gauche's Spirit Amber attack.

His Shindanjuu was previously the Nocturne 12 and Nocturne Op. 20. When he was leaving for Akatsuki, he gave it to Sylvette, and told her to give to Lag Seeing if he came one day. When he left for Akatsuki he bought a new large caliber rotating, rapid firing revolver Shindanjuu called Gymnopédie. His Spirit Amber is black. His dingo was formerly a dog named Roda, but he subconsciously named his assistant in Reverse after her.

Gauche's Spirit Amber attack is Kurobari(Black Needle). Later, as a Marauder, his Spirit Amber attack is Raven Black, in manga there's Kurobari and Shikkoku. The sound is comparable to a piano falling.


  • "So... aren't you going to cry today...?" Noir to Lag at the battle of Lament Town.
  • "I am Noir, the marauder... if you intend on hindering Reverse, Then I will take from you your life!" Noir Before fighting Lag.
  • "I'm sorry Lag, I can't deliver your words to your mother...." Noir as Gauche Suede to Lag Seeing.
  • "Lag... now you're not a 'letter', but a man." Gauche to Lag after delivering Lag.
  • "But our friendship is over now, Lag. I am marauder of Reverse. My name is Noir." Noir to Lag.
  • "By risking my life,i'll definitely get you delivered to campbell!!Because that's the job of a letter bee!!" Gauche Suede to Lag Seeing when rescue Lag from Bucker Gaichuu.


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