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Jacob Gobani

ジェイコブ ゴベーニ







Hair Color


Eye Color

Black/Dark Gray

Professional Status

Yuusari Residents


Sinner's Bread and Gun Shop Owner

Personal Status

Sandra Gobani (Wife)
Deceased Son
Zazie Winters (Customer/Son-Like)
Gauche Suede (Customer)

Manga Debut

Chapter 7

Anime Debut

Lost Letter (Season 1: Episode 20)

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Jacob Gobani (ジェイコブ ゴベーニ Jeikobu Gobēni) is the owner of Sinner's Bread Shop and Gun Shop, and is Sandra Gobani's husband.


He appears as a stout middle-aged man who sports a beard and a toque.


I. Pre - History

When he was a young boy, his father owned the "Sinner's Bread and Gun Shop". But back then, it was still only a weapon shop; so it was called "Sinner's Gun Shop".

In the manga, it was revealed that he was childhood friends with Caribs Garrard & Hazel Valentine. The three celebrated Garrard's & Valentine's promotion to Akatsuki at his father's shop. During the celebration, Garrard gave his original gun to Jacob. Jacob was shocked by this, since this gun was bought by Garrard when he became a Letter Bee. Garrard explained that since he was moving to Akatsuki, it's time to leave it since it symbolized all his memories in Yuusari & the trio's friendship. He left it with Jaob since it was the first Shindan Weapon Jacob ever handled.

He later married Sandra when he grew older. His wife decided to turn the his gun shop into a bakery so they could earn more money, since only some Letter Bees came there for their service. Thus, "Sinner's Bread and Gun Shop" was born.

II. Season One

In Season 1: Episode 20, Jacob was fixing Zazie's Tempest Op. 3 gun. Jacob complained that Zazie uses his gun too much because he focuses more in killing Gauche than delivering letters.

III. Season Two

In Season 2: Episode 2,Jacob appears when Niche runs away, and askes her if she is trying to steal anything. He treats her to the bread the shop is known for, and askes her why she is there. The two end up confusing Lag as a negligent foster parent, but the confusion is resolved after Niche saves Lag. The man laters tells Lag in his shop about his shindanjuu, and is saddened about the fate of Gauche. He also tells Lag about a letter bullet and gives it to him before he and his wife say goodbye to the letter bee and dingo.