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Jiggy Pepper



Jigī Peppā




Male  Male


Probably 18 - 20 years old

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Letter Bee

Personal Status

Nelli Pepper (Younger sister)
Nello Pepper (Younger brother, deceased)
Harry (Dingo)

Manga Debut

Chapter 3

Anime Debut

Season 1: Episode 5


Kazuya Nakai

Jiggy Pepper (ジギー・ペッパー Jigī Peppā) is one of the supporting characters of the anime and manga series Letter Bee. He is a semi-recurring Bee, whose Shindanjuu is his motorcycle, he is first mentioned in chapter three.


Jiggy Pepper wears the standard uniform that most Letter Bees wear, which is composed of the trademark jacket, pants, scarf, boots, hat, and thick brown gloves, while wearing goggles on his motorcycle. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes, with a scar going through his right eye horizontally, resembling the letter t.


Jiggy Pepper 1

Jiggy Pepper hearing the bell of Kyrie Church ring in the distance.

Jiggy Pepper was first mentioned in chapter three of the manga and episode five of the anime by his adopted sister, Nelli. Nelli originally hated him because she blamed the death of her brother, Nello, on leaving them. She was going to steal Lag Seeing's crossing pass from Yodaka to Yuusari to deliver a letter that Nello had written to Jiggy before his death, but was unable to when she was stopped from crossing by Signal. When Lag shot off a heart bullet at Nello's letter, it was revealed that the reason Jiggy left Dead End Town and became a Letter Bee was because he wanted to get stronger for Nello and Nelli. In chapter twenty, Jiggy makes his first actual appearance, saving Lag from a Gaichuu that trapped him in an illusion. He tells Lag that his heart must grow stronger so that the letter's heart - good or bad - wouldn't overwhelm him again, and he also thanked Lag for his efforts, which Nelli had disclosed in her letter to Jiggy. He is later seen in chapter forty, and is ordered by Largo Lloyd to bring down Cabernet. Although skeptical, he allows Zazie to ride with him on his motorcycle to bring down the Gaichuu.


Cabenet defeated.

Together, along with Moc Sullivan and Aria Link, managed to wound the Cabernet before it flied off to Yuusari. Jiggy later arrives with Zazie in tow at the climax of the battle with Cabernet. After the battle, Jiggy is present during the Beehive meeting and is shocked to hear that Lloyd has joined Reverse. He states to Garrard that he will make the judgement of Lloyd when the time comes and not before, and goes on deliveries again shortly after. (Note the manga-anime difference).


He cared for his adoptive siblings, which is why he became a Letter Bee. He arranged for a church to be built in Kyrie so kids could learn to read and write. He has little speaking roles in the series, and even then, would only speak if necessary, adding to his 'cool' personality.


Nelli Pepper

Nelli is his adopted sister, Nelli once hated him because she blamed the death of her brother Nello on him leaving. She originally intended to get a Letter Bee to send the letter Nello had written to Jiggy before he passed away, in order to make him feel guilty. After Lag revealed what was in Jiggy's heart, Nelli forgave him. When Lag shot off a heart bullet at Nello's letter, it was revealed that he wanted to get stronger for Nelli.

Nello Pepper

Nello was Jiggy Pepper's adopted brother. He worshiped Jiggy and wanted to become a man like him, he also promised to protect Nelli. Unfortunately, he fell ill and Nelli tried her best to take care of him. One day when Nelli returned home after working at the church, she saw Nello crying while he was writing a letter to Jiggy, because he knew that he couldn't protect her. He died exactly a week later. He appeared as a memory in episode 6, season 1 in the anime.


Jiggy is a skilled Letter Bee, specializing in express deliveries. Jiggy's spirit amber is Gunjou, Sea Blue Ultramarine, which he executes through a Shindanjuu called Lapis Lazuli that he carries besides his motorcycle.

His dingo is a hawk named Harry, who is capable of delivering letters himself. Largo Lloyd borrowed him while he was in Kyrie.

Jiggy's motorcycle is powered by heart, requiring constant consumption of such for long periods of time, something Jiggy can do for hours on end without signs of fatigue, a testament to his skill as a Letter Bee. Zazie refers to it as the 'Iron Horse'.


"His eyes... It was the first time I'd seen the director's eyes fulled with so much determination." Jiggy to Aria.

"I know that someday, my little brother and sister will surely catch a star. If its Nelli and Nello, they'll do it for sure."


  • He finished the letter bee exam in two days, as stated by Zazie.
  • He is first in efficiency, with Moc Sullivan ranked behind him.
  • His salary is apparently very large, as most of the funds used for building the church in Kyrie came from his wages.
  • It is unknown how Jiggy Pepper got a scar on his face. It is believed he got it before becoming a Letter Bee, since he still had one in the memories of Nelli Pepper through his letter.
  • In his name. "Jiggy" means nervous or trembling, which is the exact 'opposite' of his personality; possibly referring to his past life, since he was born and raised in a poor town. "Pepper" is a spicy ingredient, which may refer to his cool but dangerous appearance.


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