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Lag Seeing



Ragu Shīingu


Spirit Insect (Appears Human)


Male  Male




145 cm




November 7/311th day of the year

Hair Color

Ghost White

Eye Color

Purple (Brown in the Manga)

Professional Status

Bee Hive


Letter Bee


Niche (Dingo)
Steak (Niche's pet or live bait)

Personal Status



Anne Seeing (Mother)
Mary Sabrina (Aunt)

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1


Miyuki Sawashiro

Lag Seeing (ラグ・シーイング Ragu Shīingu) is a Letter Bee, and the main protagonist of the series. He is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.[1]


Spirit amber

Lag's Spirit Amber that was implanted on his left eye.

Lag is a young boy that is fairly short for his age, with ghost white hair and a single purple eye. Within his left eye lies a piece of red Spirit Amber containing a Spirit Insect, implanted during his time of birth. In order to hide the Spirit Amber, he wears his hair over the eye in a tuft as a makeshift eye-patch. He is often seen wearing the standard issue Letter Bee uniform, his hat being similar to Aria's in that it allows his hair to poke out the top. He also occasionally to wear baggy underpants that Niche has taken a liking to and currently wears as well.

Tegami Bachi REVERSE - 10 - Large Snapshot 07

Lag disguised as a young girl.

Lag also wears several other outfits throughout the series, such as the Holy Night Letter Bee uniform. Which has the fake moustache and Santa's hat, with a red Santa suit. Lag may also appear to be somewhat feminine at times, and several situations have occurred where Lag crossdresses as a girl. Lag impersonates himself as a girl to break into Reverse's hideout monastery, with a brown hood  and a purple-pink striped dress with a white frill at the end.

Tegami bachi lag's shindan

Lag in his Holy Night Uniform.

When Lag realizes Caribs and Hazle are going to kidnap Sylvette to trap Noir, he also changes into one of her dresses (the one she was currently wearing in particular) to save her from the abduction.


Lag is portrayed as an amiable, kind character; in most of the episodes with one-time characters, Lag tends to help those in times of trouble, going so far as to learn the truth behind the letters he delivers; a trait in which Moc Sullivan has shown mild dislike upon, but many people have thanked Lag for his deeds. He's an especially emotional character, as he often succumbs to touching and sad moments, often losing his self control and start crying whenever a serious matter is brought to his attention. Such a trait results in him being called a crybaby by most of the characters. In the manga, Sabrina Mary regarded his crying tendencies to be due to his birth from memories from the artificial sun, and that Lag's tears reflect either the joy or pain that others feel around him. She quoted it to be a source of Lag's strength, and that Lag can accomplish anything with it. 

Lag dislikes to disappoint people, as shown from his severe depressed state when he confesses to the higher-up Bee Hive authorities of his meeting with Gauche, and his failure to bring him back. He also worries that Sylvette Suede would feel very sad if he revealed the truth, although Aria Link had already told her and Sylvette proved him otherwise. In the manga, Lag also hid the truth of Gauche not having his heart back from Sylvette in an effort to prevent her from being sad. Lag also dislikes goodbyes and separations, largely due to the abduction of his mother which he witnessed at a young age. Lag at times works himself ill and goes over the limit to help others, a trait that Sylvette sees in Lag that is similar to her brother. He has done so many times both in the manga and the anime, such as when he got a fever after his duel with the Letter Pigeons. He is a very diverse character for somebody so young. His outlook on life is generally filled with hope, and the want for friendship.

Lel - 25 - Snapshot 07

A bittersweet parting and a rekindled bond.

Lag strongly values friendships and bonds; Lag cares very deeply about those who are close to him. Among all, the story emphasizes Lag's bond with Gauche the most, as Lag constantly pursued his return and to fulfill his promise made to Sylvette. Lag's belief and unwavering determination that a part of Gauche existed in Noir ultimately rekindled their bond even if Gauche's memories couldn't return, in both the manga and anime. Lag easily makes friends with nearly every person he helps during his deliveries. In the newest chapter of the Chinese-translated manga, Lag sends letters to the Bees and Sylvette to inform them of his quest to destroy the Gaichuu Splitus, which is revealed to be the eye in the artificial sun that steals the hearts of the people of Amberground, promising to return even if destroying the Gaichuu risked sacrificing his life.


Lag was born to Anne Seeing on the Day of the Flicker (311th day of the year or the 7th of November), a disastrous event that is shrouded in mystery up to the present day. In the manga, it is revealed that Lag was made from the heart of the sun, and the amber spirit in his eye keeps him from dying/disappearing. As a child, Lag was told that he was born with a fatal disease that his mother cured by implanting a piece of red Spirit Amber into his left eye socket. Lag spent the first seven years of his life in the village of Coza Bel. Living alone with his mother, he seldom ventured away from home, traveling only as far the town of Regnus on rare occasions.
Lag child

Lag as a child.

When he was seven years old, agents from the capital of Akatsuki attacked the farm and abducted his mother to become the Empress. Under the orders of a mysterious man named Ballore, the house was burned to the ground, and Lag left to fend for himself. He was then addressed to his Aunt Sabrina Mary in Campbel Litus, and chained to a mail post to await pickup. He was found and eventually delivered by the Letter Bee Gauche Suede and Dingo Roda. Gauche inspired Lag to pursue a career as a Letter Bee, and became Lag's hero and role model.


Five years after Gauche Suede delivered him to Campbel Litus, Lag begins his journey to become a letter bee. He meets Conner Kluff, who takes him to the train station to Yuusari. As Lag is about to board the train, however, he sees an abandoned girl in one of the niches and despite Conner's protest, decides to deliver her. The young boy and girl bond, and Niche decides to be Lag's dingo. As the two travel to the dead-end town of Kyrie, Lag is approached by a person named Nelli. She angrily askes and subsequently disbelieves that Lag has a crossing pass. When shown wrong, Nelli leads Lag and Niche to an inn before the aspiring letter bee goes to Bifrost. Unnoticed, Nelli steals Lag's crossing pass and escapes the inn briefly before being confronted by Lag. The young woman tells him that she's taking his place to go to Bifrost, and cuts him with her knife when he tries to attack her. She continues to tell Lag of her little brother's letter he wrote on his deathbed and that she thinks that letter bees sell their heart to the government. A mob readily appears as she tells Lag of how Nello idolized Jiggy, and of how his heartbreak cost him to lose the will to live.

As Lag realizes that she is in fact a girl, Nelli is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head from the end of a stick. She subsequently steals Lag's crossing pass again after regaining consciousness. As Lag and Niche approach the Bifrost Bridge, Lag hears Nelli's screams and hurries to rescue her. Nelli shouts at Lag to save Nello's letter, which was about to be destroyed. Lag manages to save the letter, which manifests into memories revealing that Nello wrote to Jiggy to ask him to protect his older sister. When Nelli stands firm of her resentment towards Jiggy and believing that he abandoned her and Nello only for his ambitions, Lag vows to prove her wrong by searching for the true meaning of Jiggy's heart from the church. As Nelli tells Lag that only the bell of the church was from Yuusari, Lag fires his Shindan at the bell before falling unconscious. The memories show Jiggy's true feeelings towards Nello and Nelli, causing the young woman to shed tears. She thanks an unconscious Lag for delivering her letter, and decides "'maybe Bees aren't that bad after all." Nelli is present when Lag and Niche cross the gate to Bifrost and declares that she will one day pay poststap for Nello's letter herself. Nelli and Lag shake hands and part ways.

Lag meets Conner again once he and Niche cross the Bifrost Bridge and later the older boy shows Lag around Yuusari, including the Beehive. Lag runs to the building, oblivious to the fact that he's wearing only underpants, and introduces himself before being quieted by Conner. When Lag passes his Letter Bee Exam, Zazie tells him that Gauche Suede was no longer a letter bee, shocking Lag greatly. Together with Conner, Zazie, and Niche, they head to Sylvette Suede to find answers where the former letter bee had gone. When Lag and Niche enter the house, Sylvette mistakes them for the rent collectors and threatened to shoot them with Gauche's gun. Sylvette recognizes Lag by her brother's story about him and offers them milk to which she tells Niche it will make her big and strong. Niche, upon seeing Sylvette's chest, drinks it immediately.

Lag asks her where Gauche was but Sylvette tells him that her brother never came back home after he was continually absent from his duties in Akatsuki and later fired from his work. She remembers the day Aria personally sent his termination notice to inform her. Sylvette has decided to think her was brother was dead, and tells Lag to never come back to her place. Later, while heading back, Lag asks Niche what she would do if he lost his heart and Niche answers that she would do what ever it takes to drag him back and she will never forget him. Lag rushes back to Sylvette's place, promising to search for Gauche and restore Sylvette's hope.

When he arrived back to her house, his Spirit Amber began to glow. When both he and Sylvette touched Gauche's Shindanjuu, both of them witness flashbacks of Gauche. He insisted on working more deliveries despite the risk of losing his heart for the sake of curing Sylvette's disability. The last memory of Gauche was the time before he headed for the capital and his first encounters with the group called Reverse. Lag promises to find Gauche and bring him back to Sylvette. Sylvette hands Lag Gauche's Shindanjuu for him to use, as per her brother's wishes. She later rents out Gauche's room to Lag. Shortly after Lag officially becomes a letter bee, Aria Link tells Lag about Day of Flicker, Conner appears out of breath and tells the two that gaichuu were overunning an area in Yuusari, and Lag needed to go to help. Before he leaves, Lag reveals to Aria that he was born on Day of Flicker. Conner and Lag are directed to travel to Honey Waters, where information about Gauche Suede may be available. As the two continue to travel to the town, Conner tells the younger letter bee about Zazie's tragic past and about the gaichuu's special abilities to eat hearts.

He and Lag watches in astonishment as Sarah delivers a heated anti-government speech, proclaiming that Hunt was The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit and uses a fake spirit amber to please a spectator. However, this catches the attention of Lag, who asks Sarah why she has Gauche's spirit amber. Sarah tells the people to chase after the letter bees, causing Lag to be captured and separated from Conner, and is thrown into an alleyway, where the young letter bee meets Ann Grado. She tells the alarmed letter bee that she is not one of the Reverse, and Ann tells Lag that he has to deliver the town's letters if he wants to get out of Honey Waters safely. The young woman leads Lag to an abandoned tunnel where the letters are located and to the letters. She angrily explains that since the Man Who Could Not Become Spirit arrived in Honey Waters five years ago, the letters had been undelivered.

She continues to tell Lag of how her father sacrificed his life to try to deliver those letters, but failed when he was attacked by a gaichuu. When the ground begins to shake, Ann pleads with Lag to help her deliver the letters, and together they begin their journey. However, the gaichuu had sensed the heart within the letters and causes them to abruptly appear in the gaichuu's path. Lag tries to take down the gaichuu as Ann tearfully begins to burn a letter. She exclaimed that if she had burned the letters sooner, then her father wouldn't have died. Lag convinces Ann that her father knew what he was doing, and she shouldn't allow the heart in the letters be wasted. The two are abruptly grabbed by Reverse's followers, who suggest to feed them to the gaichuu before being rescued by Hunt. As Zazie joins the group fighting, the bag of letters begin to fall, promting Ann to call to Lag to catch them. The young letter bee manages to save the letters, but he watches in horror as Ann is caught in the tentacles of the gaichuu determined to eat her heart. Lag manages to defeat the gaichuu before her heart is taken, and suddenly the citizens, after finding out the truth, start showing rocks at Sarah for lying to them. The rocks are blocked by Lag, which reminds Sarah of a similar encounter she had with Gauche Suede. She then shields him from the attacks, and continues to hold him until he protests. Sarah tearfully thanks him. The letter bees part ways.

Lag continues to wonder about Reverse and Gauche as continues to deliver letters, he is accidently bumps into someone and is astonished that Gauche was standing in front of him. Lag tries to tell Gauche that he was the boy who he delivered as a bee, but the man says that he has never been a bee and his name is Noir and he is a marauder. He steals Lag's letter and begins to walk away with Roda, leaving Lag in despair. When the young letter bee arrives to the Beehive, Lag tells Aria and Largo Lloyd what he found about Gauche Suede. Although sad about not being able to bring Gauche back, Lag is surprised when Sylvette throws a party because he had found Gauche, as promised. When Lag laments that he hadn't brought Gauche back, she tells him that she believes in him, and believes that Lag will bring back her brother's heart. When Niche goes missing, Lag desperately tries to find her and is relieved and happy when she returns to him. Later, Lag is informed by Largo Lloyd that information about Noir was located in Blue Notes Blues, and he instructs Lag to go and investigate. Lag finds a broken shell from a gaichuu and sees Noir's memories from his shindanjuu. Although he thought that Gauche had lost all his heart, Lag later realized that Gauche had part of his heart left still inside him. His thoughts are interrupted by Niche, who points to the village nearby and states that this was the same village she was born two hundred years ago.

Lag is bewildered by her statement, and is further confused when Niche runs to the direction of Blue Notes Blues Cave. As the two continue to stare at the lake, something arises from the lake and transforms into a human. She states that it had been two hundred years since she had last seen Niche, and comments on the name she had. It is revealed that this Maka is Niche's
Niche's sister

Lag and Niche meet Niche's sister.

sister. She is perplexed why Niche hadn't matured like she had, and comments that the Maka did not sense human scent. This causes her to openly wonder if Lag is human or in the shape of something human. Using her hair, she attacks Lag to cut him, and is pleased to note that Niche could still use her swords. However, the humans of Blue Notes Blues appear in the cave to investigate, and she immediately becomes angry and orders them to leave. She continues to explain to the ignorant humans that the Maka does not care for humans, and was only touched by a woman two hundred years ago named Celia, who is her and Niche's mother. She tells the story of how the village intended to use Celia as a sacrifice, and of how they shunned the Maka children for twenty years before they were abandoned and left to drown.

Lag shoots his shindan to protect Niche.

Niche's sister attempts to kill the humans, but Lag manages to push them all out of the way. Niche fights her sister despite the strong difference in strength between the two. As the two fight, Niche's sister asks her why she continues to side with the humans despite hearing their story, and Niche's answer that she would always protect Lag causes her to attempt to kill Niche multiple times, each stopped by Lag. When she sees the letter bee's heart, she remembers how she was separated from her sister and of how she grew. As she tells Lag of what happened, he reprehends her, declaring that she was a fool to not look for Niche for so long. Niche's sister smiles and allows the Maka to take Niche to the Tir Na Spring to heal, and she continues to tell Lag about the hidden creatures in the cave. She tells him that until Niche reaches her maturity, she will allow her sister to stay "with the person her heart feels closest to." As Lag says farewell, she and the Maka observe and speculate that Lag could be something not human, and she states that she has something to look forward to until he matures.

Lag hears that an injured letter bee had been found and was resting in Peirce, and finds out that the injured letter bee was Zazie. The older letter bee tells him that Noir stole his letters, and that the next target is probably Lament, and they hurry over there. Lag and Zazie meet Conner at Verity Convent, and Lag decides to pose as a girl to get into the convent in order to see if it was indeed a Reverse base. As Lag stumbled on the gathering of the nuns, with Sunny present, his theory was confirmed. He and Roda get into a brief fight before Lag escapes.

Lag and Roda

Roda figures out Lag's disguise.

After Sunny lost her heart to a Gaichuu, Lag's[2]

Lag prepares to shoot the heart bullet at Noir.

body glowed like a spirit amber as he fired a special letter bullet at Noir (Gauche) in hopes of restoring his heart. Lag later falls ill from firing too many Shindanjuu to clean out the Dead Letter Office, and bursts into tears when Gauche awakens. However, Lag realizes that Gauche hadn't gotten back his heart at all,
Lag and Gauche

Lag finds out that Noir didn't get his heart back.

and lies to Slyvette that Gauche had returned to the capital in order to not upset her. For Lag to go to the Cobalt Glass River, where he is stationed to fight Cabernet, he needs a partner. Lily is partnered up with him, and after introducing themselves, they board a carriage. Lag falls asleep and Lily ends up trying to wake him up, as they're almost to the destination. Lag, seeing Lily's face about four inches away from his and forgetting who she is, freaks out and falls backwards, knocking into Niche. She apologizes profusely before telling Lag how much she admires him, and tells him about his nickname, "Child of Light." She later attempts to fight the Cabernet alone when Lag is unable to shoot a Shindanjuu, but is injured several times. She manages to get in range and shoot off one of the Cabernet's two remaining wings, which sends it to the ground, but ends up having her heart eaten before it lands by a stray feeler instantly.

Lily's heart is eaten by Cabernet.

Lag was devastated by Lily having her heart taken by the gaichuu, and is lectured by Conner to think about Lily, who lost her life.
Lag finds Lily

Lag finds Lily after the battle.

Lag is taken to a carriage by Hunt, who has come to treat the letter bee's injuries. Although barely conscious, Lag states that he and the others must defeat Cabenet. After Lag regains consciousness, he confesses to Conner that he is worried about his Shindan. Conner reassures him that sometimes when the heart is in turmoil, the Shindan doesn't work, and he tells the younger letter bee that his Shindan will fire again. As the carriage comes closer to the battle with Cabenet, Lag and Conner see the blue and ultramarine lights of Zazie and Jiggy Pepper. Lag at last fires his Shindan at Cabernet, causing the Gaichuu to go into hiding. As Lag is held by Niche to stand guard against Cabernet, the Gaichuu appears stronger than ever, seriously wounding Lag and causing a sudden transformation in Niche. Lag's unconscious form is held by Niche as the grown dingo fights Cabernet solely on, and Niche delivers Lag to Dr. Thunderland Jr. for treatment. Lag later awakens and desperately tries to persuade Dr. Thunderland to allow him to fight Cabernet despite his condition, and Noir later carries him on his back to fight the gaichuu. Lag is astonished to find out that Noir wants to help him, and Noir replies that he sacrificed too many lives for Reverse, and doesn't want to see Lag and Sylvette hurt again. As Lag prepares to shoot his Shindan, he picks up Lily's Shindanjuu. Together with everyone, Lag fires his Shindan at the Caberenet, finally destroying it.

Cabenet defeated.

Lag falls into a dream-like state, and receives a letter from his mother through Noir's memories. Memories that are not his own are shown in his mind, and the light from them allows the other gaichuu to be defeated.


Lag red

Lag's Spirit Amber Attack, Akabari.

As a Letter Bee, Lag possesses his own Shindanjuu, or heart bullet gun, with his own signature power. His first gun was originally an antique from the townspeople of Campbell Litus (and was merely a normal gun and wasn't really a Shindanjuu as Lag failed to fire a heart bullet from it). He later acquired the Nocturne #20, which was formerly Gauche Suede's Shindanjuu, from Sylvette, under her brother's request.

His left eye is made of a red spirit amber, which gives him stronger heart capacity, firepower and also allowing him to fire a heart bullet from his own body, such as from his palm. His Spirit Amber attack is called Akabari, meaning "Red Needle", which fires a red blast from his Shindanjuu. He later began using a new spirit amber attack called Hikaribari, meaning "Light Needle".

His Shindan,or heart bullet, is signature in the fact that it can reveal the heart contained in objects, allowing him to get a glimpse of the owner of the object as well as the event that lead to the object's creation. This ability proved to be useful during his time in the Cold Letter Division, where some of the letters did not have addresses.

Lag has shown in some occasions to have a powerful degree of heart energy, where Lag's body glows with a radiant, powerful silver light. This only occurs during Letter Bee Reverse, when Lag fires the letter bullet given by Jacob Gobeni, and when Lag defeats the Cabernet in the final episode. His heart energy at such as stage is overwhelmingly powerful as it was able to easily destroy the Cabernet, and was quoted by some during the Cabernet to be "just like the artificial sun."[3]



  • The Nocturne Number 20, this gun that was Gauche's has been called 3 different numbers, and the actual number is not yet known. It has been called number 12, number 20 and number 13 (in order of appearance). So the actual number is not specified yet.
  • Niche's sister has implied that Lag may not be human but something whose form was changed to look like a human.
  • The Maka, as well as Niche's sister, has referred to Lag as the 'light'.
  • At the beginning of chapter 10 Lag had noted that the Empress profile looks a little like his mother.
    • It is later confirmed that his mother is indeed the empress.
  • The Day of Flicker, it is revealed that the artificial sun is alive and feeds on the "heart" of man. As it stands, the creature revealed to be the artificial sun has been recorded as having only one visible eye. A left eye. Lag Seeing is said to have had his left eye removed by his mother, Anne Seeing, then replaced with Spirit Amber. It is also on the Day of Flicker that Lag, as well as Sylvette Suede, are born. It may be an unofficial confirmation, but seeing as the creature was saying "Mother" over and over again. It stands to reason that the two are indeed linked, Lag Seeing and the artificial sun.[5]
  • In Episode 48, In Akatsuki, the ground collapses due to the Cabernet's arrival, and both Noir and Lag fall into an underground cave. While in the cave Noir reassures Lag that he isn't Gauche Suede anymore as Lag still believes he's Gauche when he tries to shoot him. Noir then delivers his heart to Lag showing the memories that he's retained and Lag realizes that they're all Noir's. Suddenly, Lag catches a Shindan that shows what happened to Gauche in Akatsuki. It is revealed he met Lag's mother near the artificial sun telling her that he delivered Lag and went on a long adventure with him and they became friends. Gauche tells her that he'd deliver her heart to Lag but collapses, and Lag's mother tells him she had stolen his heart as the artificial sun shows its eye taking their hearts.
  • His first name "Lag" is derived from "lagrima", a Spanish word for "tears" (which represents his crybaby personality) and "Lú" or "Lugh", the name of the "Celtic god of the sun" of the Danann family (which represents his connections to the "light" or the "Artificial Sun"). His last name "Seeing" is based on words like "sight", which refers to eyes (because one of his eyes is in an artificial eye made from a Spirit Amber, which was used to heal a sickness of his by his mother when he was a baby.)
  • Early Translator used Red Thorn instead of Red Needle in some early chapters of the manga[6]
  • It is revealed that Lag was created from the "hearts" and memories of others, and although he has no father, he did ask his mother if he looked like him. It's possible that Lag looks like Gauche due to taking his "heart".


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