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Lily Confort



Rirī Konfōto




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Lily Comfort (リリー・コンフォート Rirī Konfōto) is thirteen year old letter bee who was paired with Lag Seeing to fight Cabernet.


Lily wears the standard Letter Bee outfit except for the fact that she wears long boots that go up to her knees and have fur lining. She is at least a head taller than Lag, and has dark hair that is long and clipped into bangs over her forehead. Her dingo is a bird with currently damaged flight feathers named Sawan.


When she was small, Lily used to help her parents in their restaurant, and the letter bees who delivered the mail made her want to become one. Lily's first appearance in the series occurs in chapter forty-six in the manga when Yuusari is put on alert from Cabernet. For Lag to go to the Cobalt Glass River, where he is stationed to fight, he needs a partner. Lily is partnered up with him, and after introducing themselves, they board a carriage. Lag falls asleep and Lily ends up trying to wake him up, as they're almost to the destination. Lag, seeing Lily's face about four inches away from his and forgetting who she is, freaks out and falls backwards, knocking into Niche. She apologizes profusely before telling Lag how much she admires him, and tells him about his nickname, "Child of Light."

Heart Being Eaten

The Stray Feeler Eating Lily's Heart

She later attempts to fight the Cabernet alone when Lag is unable to shoot a Shindanjuu, but is injured several times. She manages to get in range and shoot off one of the Cabernet's two remaining wings, which sends it to the ground, but ends up having her heart eaten before it lands by a stray feeler instantly.


Lily is generally modest about her skills. She looks up to more experienced Bees like Zazie, Connor, and Lag, and admits that she's not the best at fighting Gaichuu. She has a high level of respect for Lag and worries excessively about things like her dingo's flight feathers.

She's very nervous on deliveries and is easily scared. She's also scared of putting her life on the line for being a Bee, as she did that once and her dingo Sawan was injured badly.


Her Shindanjuu is executed through an unnamed gun with yellow spirit amber. It's called Yamabuki (Yellow Rose).


  • She is the only identified Letter Bee to make only an appearance in the manga version.


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