Letter Bee (テガミバチ, Tegami Bachi) is an ongoing Shōnen manga series written and illustrated by mangaka Hiroyuki Asada. There are two seasons of episodes courtesy of TV TOKYO that have been released, which has 50 regular season episodes, and a few specials. Although the anime episodes (featured below) are no longer active, the manga is finishing releases in English (Japanese is complete).

This story is set in the fictional land called "Amberground", where an artificial sun only illuminates the capital of the land, Akatsuki. The story follows Lag Seeing, a Letter Bee who has a special ability to see the memories of people and items, and his personal dingo Niche on their journeys around the Amberground.

List of the episodes


Season 1

Season 2

It is known as Tegami Bachi: Reverse, and is the continuation of season one. It revolves around the anti-government group called Reverse.