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Bee Hive
LetterBee Gauche-Suede Zazie shrine Conner
Lag Seeing Gauche Suede Zazie Winters Connor Kluff
Jiggy Darwin, Elena, & Lloyd 1 Lloyd Aria played
Jiggy Pepper Elena Blanc Largo Lloyd Aria Link
Moc showing lag LilyConfort Dr. Thunderland Jr. Mana
Moc Sullivan Lily Confort Dr. Thunderland Jr. Mana Jones

Niche Roda human Wasiolka HarryAnime
Niche Roda Wasiolka Harry
Bolt Gus Darwin 1 Alonji 1
Bolt Gus Darwin Alonji
Krank 1 Hazel Valentine
Krank Hazel Valentine

18 (2) Noir Roda human Sunny
Lawrence Noir Roda Sunny

These characters are either supporting or miscellaneous characters who appear in the course of the story:

Other Characters
Images-4- Sandra Gobani PicNoAvailable Anne seeing
Jacob Gobani Sandra Gobani Sylvette Suede (Mother) Anne Seeing
Mary Sabrina The barber Reverend Weller 3 69464
Mary Sabrina The Barber Man Reverend Weller Nelli Pepper
Nello Pepper 1 Clothed sister Lag's shindanjuu Signal
Nello Pepper Niche's Sister Sylvette Suede Signal andamp; Signales
LordGisarl Sarah Young Hunt 869772
Lord Gisarl Sarah Hunt Ann Grado
Maaka Hodai Franklin 2 Kamahan Negish 1 Tegami-bachi-889567
Maka Hodai Franklin Kamahan Negish Caribs Garrard

Background Characters

These characters are known as minor characters that help with the course's development in the story.

Anime and Manga Characters

Anime Only Characters

Manga Only Characters



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