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Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee is the story of a young boy in a world called Amberground. The boy's name is Lag Seeing, and he dreams of becoming a Letter Bee because of his admiration for a Letter Bee who once saved him - Gauche Suede. Other helpful links to get started:

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Lag Seeing - Main Character

Lag Seeing
Lag is a young boy that is fairly short for his age, with ghost white hair and a single purple eye. Within his other eye lies a piece of red Spirit Amber containing a Spirit Insect, implanted during his time of birth.

Lag tends to help those in times of trouble, going so far as to learn the truth behind the letters he delivers; a trait in which Moc Sullivan has shown mild dislike upon, but many people have thanked Lag for his deeds. He's an especially emotional character, as he often succumbs to touching and sad moments, often losing his self control and start crying whenever a serious matter is brought to his attention. Such a trait results in him being called a crybaby by most of the characters.


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