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Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee is the story of a young boy in a world called Amberground. The boy's name is Lag Seeing, and he dreams of becoming a Letter Bee because of his admiration for a Letter Bee who once saved him - Gauche Suede. Other helpful links to get started:

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Lag Seeing - Main Character

Lag is a young boy with a very focused mindset regardless of the situation, and he strives to learn the truth behind the letters he delivers. He has a special gun called the Shindanjuu, which he loads with a 'fragment of heart', then fires it at the target. As a child, he was 'delivered' by the Letter Bee Gauche Suede, and was inspired by him to become a Letter Bee himself. He later ventures on a journey to search for his mother, who was kidnapped to the capital of the country. His left eye is made of red Spirit Amber, which allows him to better use his Shindanjuu.

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