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Moc Sullivan



Moku Sariban




Male  Male

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status

Bee Hive


Letter Bee


Krank (Dingo)

Manga Debut

Chapter 9

Anime Debut

Episode 11

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Moc Sullivan (モク·サリバン Moku Sariban) is a Letter Bee who works for the Bee Hive.


Moc has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the standard Letter Bee uniform, though with his own personal touches. On his right leg is a pouch that holds his dingo. His face is very angular and he has long hair that frames his face as well.


Moc views delivering letters with a whole different mindset than most Bees. For him, it's a job that's strictly professional and it is not a Letter Bee's business to get involved in what a letter says or means. This gives him a very different view of his being a Bee than Lag, and calls Lag's ability to see people's hearts useless and unneeded, at least until Lag's transfer to the Cold Letter Division, where his ability become invaluable to delivering the unnamed letters. He dislikes when a Letter Bee interferes with the affairs of the people they are supposed to be moving letters from, but also dislikes it when a Bee is unable to complete a delivery or ends up failing a delivery, and treats said Bee with cold indifference and disgust. He is very sensitive about this issue.

He is generally perceived as a sarcastic and easily annoyed character who has a different sense of morals than the rest of the Letter Bee cast.


Moc is very efficient in his work, and is surpassed only by Jiggy Pepper in speed of delivery. He makes use of shortcuts to arrive at his destinations even faster. He is shown in the Letter Bee anime to have a regular Shindanjuu, but in the manga, he has Shindanjuu throwing knives.

His Dingo is a snake named Krank that is possibly a viper or cobra. It stays on a pouch tied onto his right leg. In the anime, the snake is never named, but it has been named in the manga. Krank bites Moc and injects him with some sort of venom or adrenaline that causes Moc to go wild.


  • In his name, "Moc" comes from the word 'mock', which obviously referring to his unkind nature.
  • His surname, "Sullivan" comes from an United States architect known for his steel framed skyscrapers. He is also famous for coining the phase "form follows function", which may be referring to Moc's belief in simply sending letters quickly without getting involved with the sender's or receiver's personal lives.