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Nelli Pepper



Neri Peppā


Human (Kyrie Citizen)


Female Female



Professional Status

Kyrie Church Construction Worker

Personal Status

Nello Pepper (Younger brother, deceased)
Jiggy Pepper (Older brother)

Manga Debut

Tegami Bachi 3

Anime Debut

Dead End Town (Season 1: Episode 5)

Nelli Pepper (ネリ・ペッパー Neri Peppā) is Nello's older sister and Jiggy Pepper's younger sister.


Tall and slim, Nelli dresses in a yellow shirt and tan slacks, which she covers with a dark purple trench coat and a white hat. She has reddish eyes and black hair. She is easily confused as a boy due to her coat concealing her body shape and voice.


Originally calm and sweet, Nelli looked up to Jiggy as a brother and protector. She loved her brother Nello, going as far as to repeatedly try sending his letter to Jiggy but being refused every time. Over the years she spent alone, Nelli developed a deep hatred for letter bees as Jiggy left to be one and they kept refusing to take her letter. She is willing to put together a mob to delay someone she steals from, but only as a last resort. However, she does have change of heart about letter bees and her brother after Lag Seeing rescues her.


Nelli and Nello

A young Nelli with Nello.

Nelli and her younger brother Nello grew up in Kyrie and sometime later joined a gang created by Jiggy Pepper. When Jiggy Pepper left, Nelli became resentful to the young man, and focused her energy on caring for Nello, who had since fallen ill, taking a job as a construction worker for the church. Despite the loving care she gave her brother, Nello died a week later after writing a letter to Jiggy Pepper. Nello's death caused Nelli to hate letter bees in general and Jiggy Pepper.


Nelli is shown trying to convince Moc Sullivan to deliver a worn letter to Jiggy Pepper. The request is refused, and Nelli is next seen in the twon Kyrie when she is approached by Lag Seeing and Niche. When Nelli overhears the conversation between the two, she angrily askes and subsequently disbelieves that Lag has a crossing pass. When shown wrong, Nelli leads Lag and Niche to an inn before the aspiring letter bee goes to Bifrost. Unnoticed, Nelli steals Lag's crossing pass and espcapes the inn breifly before being confronted by Lag. The young woman tells him that she's taking his place to go to Bifrost, and cuts him with her knife whenf he tries to attack her. She continues to tell Lag of her little  brother's letter he wrote on his deathbed and that she thinks that letter bees sell their heart to the government. A mob readily appears as she tells  Lag of how Nello idolized Jiggy, and of how his heartbreak cost him to lose the will to live. As Lag realizes that she is in fact a girl, Nelli is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head from the end of a stick. She subsequently steals Lag's crossing pass again after regaining consciousness. While running to Bifrost, Nelli reminisces about Nello and of how he died no matter how hard she cared for him.

Nello's death

Nello shortly before his death.

As she reaches the gate, Nelli is stunned by the beauty of the Artificial Sun in the distance, and she is attacked by Signal's creature once the gatekeeper determines that she is not Lag Seeing. As Niche battles the creature, Nelli shouts at Lag to save Nello's letter, which was about to be destroyed. Lag manages to save the letter, which manifests into memories revealing that Nello wrote to Jiggy to ask him to protect his older sister.


Nelli realizes the truth about Nello's letter.

When Nelli stands firm of her resentment towards Jiggy and believing that he abandoned her and Nello only for his ambitions, Lag vows to prove her wrong by searching for the true meaning of Jiggy's heart from the church. As Nelli tells Lag that only the bell of the church was from Yuusari, Lag fires his shindan at the bell before falling unconscious. The memories show Jiggy's true feelings towards Nello and Nelli, causing the young woman to shed tears. She thanks an unconscious Lag for delivering her letter, and decides that maybe Bees aren't that bad after all. Nelli is present when Lag and Niche cross the gate to Bifrost and declares that she will one day pay poststap for Nello's letter herself. Nelli and Lag shake hands and part ways.