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Niche's Sister

Hybrid of Maka


Female Female



Hair Color


Eye Color

Sea blue

Personal Status



Maka (Father)
Niche (Twin Sister)
Celica (Mother)


Mami Koyama

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Niche's sister is the twin sister of Niche.


Tegami Bachi REVERSE - 08 - 26

Maka Sisters as infants.

Niche's sister has golden hair and sea blue eyes like Niche, she also has large, bear-like claws that almost reach her feet. She doesn't wear any clothing, only wearing a pink ribbon around her neck. She appears to be in her late teens or early twenties in appearance.


She is deeply attached to Niche, despite the years of separation between them. However, when Niche did not remember her and protected the humans, she felt no remorse when she tried to kill her. Similarly, she has a sadistic side, when she attempted to "cut" Lag to see if he was human or not. Niche's sister also bears a grudge against the humans of Blue Notes Blues village and their descendants for their treatment of Niche and herself, and dislikes humans in general. She has a change of heart when she meets Lag Seeing and sees his heart from his shindan.


Niche and her sister were born to a woman named Celica two hundred years ago. The villagers at this time feared the two infants and were astounded that neither of them had aged in the twenty years they had been hidden away. When word spread of the Maka twins, the mayor at the time threw them both in the river, hoping they would drown. At some point she was separated from Niche in the river, which caused a spur of emotional turmoil from the separation, and she transformed into the appearance of a young woman. Nothing else is known about her, except that she boasts dislike towards the humans of Blue Notes Blues village, as they had separated her and her sister.


Niche's sister

Niche's sister appears for the first time.

Niche's sister first appears when Lag and Niche travel to the Blue Notes Blues' cave. She rises up from the lake inside the cave and transforms into her human form. She states that it had been two hundred years since she had last seen Niche, and comments on the name she had. She is perplexed why Niche hadn't matured like she had, and comments that the Maka did not sense human scent. This causes her to openly wonder if Lag is human or in the shape of something human. Using her hair, she attacks Lag to cut him, and is pleased to note that Niche could still use her swords. However, the humans of Blue Notes Blues appear in the cave to investigate, and she immediately becomes angry and orders them to leave. She continues to explain to the ignorant humans that the Maka does not care for humans, and was only touched by a woman two hundred years ago named Celia, who is her and Niche's mother. She tells the story of how the village intended to use Celia as a sacrifice, and of how they shunned the Maka children for twenty years before they were abandoned and left to drown. Niche's sister attempts to kill the humans, but Lag manages to push them all out of the way. Niche fights her sister despite the strong difference in strength between the two. As the two fight, Niche's sister asks her why she continues to side with the humans despite hearing their story, and Niche's answer that she would always protect Lag causes her to attempt to kill Niche multiple times, each stopped by Lag.

Lag shoots his shindan to protect Niche.

When she sees the letter bee's heart, she remembers how she was separated from her sister and of how she grew. As she tells Lag of what happened, he reprehends her, declaring that she was a fool to not look for Niche for so long. Niche's sister smiles and allows the Maka to take Niche to the Tir Na Spring to heal, and she continues to tell Lag about the hidden creatures in the cave. She tells him that until Niche reaches her maturity, she will allow her sister to stay "with the person her heart feels closest to." As Lag says farewell, she and the Maka observe and speculate that Lag could be something not human, and she states that she has something to look forward to until he matures.


Sister's weapon

her golden sword in the Anime.

Her attacks are more intricate and she appears to have more evolved/experience fighting with her "swords". Her attacks have appeared in this manner:

  • As an over sized, elegant blade which appears to use up all of her strands of hair when attacking.
  • All strands of hair / blades aimed at one specific target (looks like a standoff before attacking)