Promise is the 26th overall episode of Tegami Bachi, which this is the first episode of Season 2, and which picks up where the last episode of Season 1 left off.


The unconscious Lag is carried by Niche until Jiggy Pepper happens by and offers them a ride back to the Bee Hive. Lag sees a vision from the shindanjuu that was shot at him by Noir.

This vision pictured an injured Gauche waking up with amnesia. The leader of Reverse, Lawrence, who also calls himself the "One Who is Unable to Become Spirit", gives him a new identity, Noir, and makes him a Marauder. This concludes the vision.

After recovering, Lag reports to Largo, Aria, and Dr. Thunderland on Gauche's amnesia and defection. Largo explains that Marauders steal letters from Bees working directly under Reverse, an organization intent on finding information to topple the Amberground government.

Then, Lag is instructed not to mention Gauche's defection to anyone. Niche tries to cheer Lag up but he remains depressed; wondering how he is going to explain to Sylvette about Gauche. However, Sylvette throws a "Thank You" party, with Aria's help, for Lag for finding her brother's whereabouts.

Sylvette is glad that Lag managed to find Gauche, and tells Lag that she will await her brother's return once Lag brings him back. Lag is comforted by Sylvette's understanding and encouragement, and then both of them break down in tears. Zazie finds Niche's underpants outside Sylvette's house but she herself is nowhere to be found. Niche feels guilty on failing to protect Lag and has run away.