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Roda (ローダ Rōda) is a female dog who acts as Gauche's dingo in the earlier stage of the series and appears as a human at the end of season one and for the rest of the second season. Her heart was likely used in the creation of the human Roda who becomes the dingo of Gauche's new identity; Noir.


In her original form, she looks similar to a large white dog with a purple

young roda

neckerchief used as her collar. However, after Gauche joins Reverse, Roda takes the appearance of a lady with white hair, dark blue eyes and pale light skin. Her outfit consists of a light purple scarf (similar to her original form) and a white sleeveless shirt, with thigh high shorts and bandages covering a small part of her legs.


Gauche Suede - In the earlier episodes of the anime, it is shown that Gauche cares for his dog, Roda, that always assists him in fighting against Gaichus.

Noir - In the second season of the anime, she is always dedicated to protecting Noir and is hinted that she may have feelings for him although it isn't mentioned.

Lag Seeing - Roda treats Lag as a friend and also took care of him when he was being delivered by Gauche.


She is a skillful dog that seems to be very well trained for fighting and tracking situations. She appears to be a skilled hunter as well. 


She appears as a human and is assigned by Lawrence to Noir as his assistant during the second season of the anime. As she has no name, Noir subconsciously named her Roda.

In the episode where Lag first encountered Noir, Roda (Human) was able to deal Niche a cut on the forehead. Which was to Dr. Thunderland Jr.'s surprise as he thought that no one would be able to hurt a Child of Maka, suggesting that Roda is very skilled.

In one of the episodes of Letter Bee, the ground she was standing on gave way, but Lag grabbed onto her saving her life. Roda said to Lag that she was mixed with many species and doesn't even know what kind of heart she has. Lag said to her that maybe one of the species mixed in her is Gauche's dog Roda, Roda then forces Lag to let go. As she was falling, she had a flashback of the other Roda (Dog) licking Lag's face, placing more evidence to believe that one of the species that was mixed in her was the dog Roda. Lag then finds out that Roda had returned his Letter Bullet which she had took, which was to the surprise of both Lag and Zazie.

In the later episodes, she survived the fall and is last seen in Gauche's hometown.


  • Her name Roda means 'wheel' in Catalan, Galician, Indonesian, Malay and Portuguese.