Roda, Wanders is the 41st overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Sylvette goes into town looking for her brother, while Lag goes to the Bee Hive. He finds Dr. Thunderland and Hunt, who has become his assistant. However, both of them have not seen "Gauche."

Soon, a flashback shows that after Roda survived her fall, she made her way to Yuusari to look for Noir. Hunt and Sarah rescued her from thugs and they gave her a place to stay. She learns from them that Gauche has woken up in the Bee Hive. Roda follows Lag and Gauche around but is eventually found by Sarah, who takes care of her in the employment agency.

Sarah learned that Roda was a dingo. Largo then orders the Bees for a city wide search and Lag stumbles into Sarah's agency. He tells Sarah that Gauche has disappeared, and then Roda immediately leaves the building, but is sensed by Niche.

Niche and Roda fight; however, Niche is much stronger and nearly overpowers Roda until Noir steps in to save her. Over Niche's protests, Gauche declares himself as Noir and leaves with Roda. Lag arrives too late to learn from Niche the bad news.