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The Shindanjuu is a term used for the weapons used by the Letter Bees. The Spirit Amber, is a powerful amber stone that when loaded into a Shindanjuu, has the power to allow its user to fire a heart bullet from it and comes in a wide range of colors with different abilities, drawn from the power contained by the spirit insects trapped within. The Shindanjuu needs both the amber and the heart to function.



Nocturne No.12

"Letter Bees use a variety of weapons and tools in concert with their heart to protect themselves from Gaichuu. One item, the Shindan, is a bullet made from a fragment of a Letter Bee's heart. Spirit Amber is inserted into the Shindanjuu- a kind of "heart gun"- and serves as the catalyst to form the Shindan. Letter Bee Gauche Suede once said, "The Shindan only appears as a bullet- but it's actually heart. Even though it's not live ammunition, we still load the cartridge to help control the concentration of heart and the power of the Shindan." The Shindan is a powerful weapon indeed, but it has its risks. Using too much heart can lead to a dangerous fatigue. The Shindan can also aid in recovery from illness or injury, and it has many other uses. The qualities of the heart differ from person to person."

-Tegami Bachi Volume 1 by Hiroyuki Asada


They are the weapons equiped with Spirit Ambers which are used by Letter Bees to shape their shindans to attack Gaichuu. There are many kinds of weapons that can shape them. They can be also used for other purposes like healing, identifying, and so on. These weapons have different effects depending on the Spirit Amber installed there. It also changes effects depending on the "kind of heart" used to load the shindan. There's many kinds of hearts used with the shindan weapon & Spirit Amber; like anger, happiness, sadness, loneliness, hope, love, appetite, memories, emptiness, and so on. Some of the user's memories will also be revealed in a projection screens after the shindan is used.

Gun Weapons

They shape the shindan in a form of a bullet/s. They are used to accurate shot into the Gaichuu's weakspot or "gap". They can also heal other people or inflict memories & emotions on other people by the users. Some can also reveal objects' memories when made contact with it, but it only work if the "heart" contained in it is strong. The Spirit Amber used can either be install in the gun itself, or separately like in a ring.

Bomb Weapons

They shape the shindan in a form of an explosion. The Spirit Amber used for it is worn by the Letter Bee. He/She then plant or throw the bomb while filling it with the person's heart. Once the person gives the signal, he/she causes the heart-contained bomb to exploded. The shindan bomb, like normal bombs, destroy itself while inflict its effects on the Gaichuu. The explosion can also have different effects depending on the Spirit Amber & heart used.

  • 'Shindan Landmines

Musical Instruments

They shape the shindan in 2 different ways. The first use is when used to effect people. Like healing or effecting people, the user plays music on his/her shindan instrument. It will release the shindan like a soft pulse on the people. Its effects is stronger as the closer the people listening it is. And the effects on them differ on the Spirit Amber & heart used. The second use is when killing Gaichuu. The user must carefully play the music on his/her shindan instrument with focus. It takes time for it to finish loading, as it loads when the user is playing. Once its ready, the user releases it in the form of multiple shots which attack the Gaichuu in all directions. The Spirit Amber used is normally installed in the instrument itself.

  • Shindan Violin

Other Objects

They are releasing shindans in different ways; depending on what it is, how it's used, and the "heart" used. They can be common objects people uses.

  • Shindan Pipe
  • Shindan Motorcycle
  • Shindan Heart

Shindan Weapons

List of Shindanjuu and Shindan:

Shindanjuu Shindan Holder
Nocturne 20 (past) Kurobari (Black Needle) Gauche Suede
Nocturne 20 (present) Akabari (Red Needle) Lag Seeing
Tempest III Sonata Aotoge (Blue Thorn) Zazie Winters
Unnamed Gun Yamabuki (Yellow Rose) Lily Comfort
Gymnopedie Shikkoku (Raven Black) Noir
Heart Stringed Musical Instrument Crimson Melody Aria Link