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Town of Valleys, Silencio

It is the hometown of Elena Blanc & Darwin . Silencio is located infront of walrus cliff.
Silencio 2

Elena's & Darwin's graves

Parts of Silencio

  • Silencio Central Town - the main area of Silencio where many of the residents lived. Among them are Reverend Weller, Darwin, and Elena Blanc.
  • Dacquoise Cliff - it is the cliffs & mountain trail at the mountain of Silencio. It is very dangerous because it is very slippery (especially during the rainy season) and people can die from falling from there. A Gaichuu lived there, preparing to ambush unlucky passerbies.
  • Town of Selca - the town existing at the other side of the mountain of Silencio. It is known for being the only place that makes pendants of the Holy Mother.
  • Elena's & Darwin's Graves - the resting place of the deceased Elena Blanc & her dingo Darwin. Their graves have two wooden star crosses as their gravestones. The bigger one is for Elena while the smaller one with a name tag is for Darwin. Both have matching pendants of the Holy Mother from Largo Lloyd. Now, there is a flower patch growing at their grows, representing they joy of being together again.