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Spirit Amber
Letter Bee - 01 - Large 16
Vital statistics
Type Power stone
Effects Powers up a Shindan
Source Spirit Insect
Cost to buy N/A, but is "very valuable"
Cost to sell N/A, but is "very valuable"


Seirei is name for the spiritual energy of the natural world. This energy finds a ready host in tiny insects. When these so-called spirit insects fall into tree resin to form amber, the seirei they carry is preserved. The government supplies the Letter Bees with Spirit Amber, which Letter Bees use to fuel their weapons and enhance their heart."


Spirit Amber (精霊琥珀 Seirei Kohaku?): A powerful amber stone that has the power to allow its user to shoot a heart bullet from its heart bullet gun. It comes in a wide range of colors that each have different abilities. It contains this power because of the spirit insects trapped inside it.

"In the place of the sun's warming energy, Amberground is sustained by Spirit Amber, a natural source of energy that has lain buried underground for eons. Even in far-off Yodaka, which receives very little light, crops flourish because of the geothermal heat generated by buried Spirit Amber. It also preserves Amberground's magnetic field. Because the Spirit Amber lies so deep underground, mining operations are costly. The government conducts the mining of this resource, and details are known only to those directly involved in the operation.


  • There are certain Spirit Ambers which uses different sources of 'power' to form it's 'bullet.
    • An example of this is Zazie's Shindan, Aotoge, which uses his shards of hatred and malice instead of his heart.
  • It is stated by Largo Lloyd that firing a Shindan does not necessarily need a weapon. Shindanjuu are made only to focus and shape the Shindan into a form of a bullet.
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