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Sylvette Suede
Sylvette Suede





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November 7

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White Smoke

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Doll Maker

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Gauche Suede (Older brother)
Sylvette Suede (Mother, deceased)

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Chapter 8

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Episode 8


Nana Mizuki

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Sylvette Suede (シルベット・スエード Shirubetto Suēdo) is Gauche's younger sister. She was born on the Day of the Flicker just like Lag and was paralyzed in her legs from birth. She was named after her mother by Gauche.


Sylvette, like her brother Gauche, and Lag, is an Albisian; she is a young lady with pale skin, smoke white hair, and blue eyes. Sylvette is an early bloomer, having large beasts before reaching her teenage years; a comical reason why Niche envies her (and even considers her a rival).

She commoly sports a red bow around her neck with a yellow ribbon in her hair; most of the time, Sylvette wears apron dresses. 


Sylvette was shown in the first episode of the manga to be a crybaby similar to Lag; this is also shown many times as Sylvette, like Lag, is one of the characters who frequently cries in the series. 

Sylvette has shown to have a great deal of worry, care, and love for her brother Gauche; being the only family she has, she was unhappy that Gauche had to leave her for work in Akatsuki, and was unsatisfied of him working for her sake when all she ever wanted was for him to always be by her side. She was even devastated of her brother's loss and dissappearance, which resulted her in being more pessimistic and cold towards life. She tries to forget about her brother, presumably thinking he was dead, in fear of having the sad memories affecting her and making her sad, something she confessed when Lag promises to find Gauche for her. When she reconciles with Noir by coincidence, having realized her brother has no intention of going back to his own life, she comes to accept it and parts with him tearfully, although they reconcile for another brief time before Noir leaves with the Ones who cannot become Spirit.

One of Sylvette's most notable (and notorious) traits is that of the soup she makes; it has been quoted by many to be "disgusting and pukey", although she herself, and her brother Gauche, like it. While Noir, posing as Gauche, did quote her soup to be pukey as well, he has also quoted her soup to be "abnormally tasty" on an occasion. Upon Gauche's supposed (and deceptive) return, Lag also showed willingness in eating the soup somewhat. Zazie is one of the more notable people aside from Lag to dislike the soup a lot; he showed small surprise upon discovering that Sylvette was the one who "makes Lag carry this pukey soup all the time", almost revealing it to Sylvette when he first tried it (and who he has displayed a certain degree of fear upon). Despite this, no one has even been honest or blunt enough to say that her soup is disgusting in front of her other than Niche when Lag was sick. 

Sylvette may appear to be kind, caring and and sweet by default; however, she can turn scary, violent and aggressive if provoked. Lag attempted to finish his sentence of him expecting Sylvette to possibly "be more gentle", showing his surprise of her agression when he first met her. Sylvette indirectly warned him before he could finish, though. She became angry when she discovered that Zazie was the one who took the last bottle of medicine she wanted to get for Lag and (presumably) beat him up. She was also able to stop a snatch thief that attempted to steal her doll. Living on her own has allowed her to develop such a personality so that she could be strong. Despite her disability, she is able; she was able to live on her own and make dolls for a living in her brother's absence, and addresses herself as a "wheelchair leopardess", particularly due to the fact that she is able to control and drive her wheelchair at abnormally high speeds, that even Largo Lloyd quoted that she could be of use for high-speed deliveries. 

Despite this, Sylvette also has her relative soft sides and can be extremely sensitive and emotional like Lag, who, apart from her brother, cares about the most as a part of her family. She cares very deeply about Lag and Niche, and is aware and sensible about their relationship, as shown in episode two of Letter Bee Reverse where he explains to Aria and Zazie about Lag's relationship with Niche, showing dislike when they teased it. Sylvette's soft moments are shown especially when she is around Gauche or with Lag; she is shown to be more caring, cheerful, and (after Gauche's second dissappearance) more sad as well. 


She was born on The Day of The Flicker. Her brother Gauche named her after their late mother, who died giving birth to
Sylvette Suede as a child

Sylvette as a child via shindanjuu.

Sylvette, when he was unaware of it, having lost his memories of their mother. She was left to live alone when her brother left to work at Akatsuki. Sylvette was devestated when she heard about her brother's disappearence, and later came to believe that her beloved brother was dead until she met Lag.


Sylvette was first seen in chapter one as a young child when Gauche takes out a photo of her as he was delivering Lag. Lag also saw her in Gauche's heart fragments after Gauche had to fire a spirit bullet to help Lag recover. When Lag heard that Gauche quit being a letter bee, he went to find Sylvette and look for answers. Sylvette mistakes them for rent collectors and threatened to shoot them with Gauche's gun. Sylvette recognizes Lag by her brother's story about him and offers them milk to which she tells Niche it will make her big and strong. Niche, upon seeing Sylvette's chest, drinks it immediately.

Lag asks her where Gauche was but Sylvette tells him that her brother never came back home after he was continually absent from his duties in Akatsuki and later fired from his work. She remembers the day Aria personally sent his termination notice to inform her. Sylvette has decided to think her was brother was dead, and tells Lag to never come back to her place. Later, while heading back, Lag asks Niche what she would do if he lost his heart and Niche answers that she would do what ever it takes to drag him back and she will never forget him. Lag rushes back to Sylvette's place, promising to search for Gauche and restore Sylvette's hope.

When he arrived back to her house, his Spirit Amber began to glow. When both he and Sylvette touched Gauche's shindanjuu, both of them witness flashbacks of Gauche. He insisted on working more deliveries despite the risk of losing his heart for the sake of curing Sylvette's disability.

Lag's shindanjuu

Sylvette gives Lag her brother's shindanjuu.

The last memory of Gauche was the time before he headed for the capital and his first encounters with the group called Reverse. Lag promises to find Gauche and bring him back to Sylvette. Sylvette hands Lag Gauche's Shindanjuu for him to use, as per her brother's wishes. She later rents out Gauche's room to Lag. After the encounter with Noir outside Honey Waters, when Lag returns home, Sylvette throws him a party because he had found Gauche, as promised. When Lag laments that he hadn't brought Gauche back, she tells him that she believes in him, and believes that Lag will bring back her brother's heart. When Niche goes missing, Sylvette stays with Aria Link to wait for both of them to come home. Later in the series, Slyvette makes a doll to give to someone before he went away in a letter, causing her to remember when she had did the same before Gauche left for the capital. She deilvers it successfuly with the help of Lag. After Lag seeming restores Guache's heart,
Sylvette and Gauche

Slyvette crying on her brother's "return".

Slyvette visits Lag as the young boy's heart  almost loses control from past memories as she shouts to him to hang on. She is later stunned as Gauche awakens and calls her name. Her chair also tips over after colliding with one of the bed posts, but is promptly caught in Gauche's arms. Sylvette is joyous when she brings her her brother home, and begs to Garrad and Hazel to allow Gauche to stay in Yuusari a few more days before heading to the capital. Sylvette sees Lag crying during dinner after his delivery, and asks what was wrong. Lag doen't tell Sylvette that Gauche had been lying to them all along; in his heart, Sylvette's brother had been Noir. Lag lies to Slyvette and tells her that her brother had gone to the Bee Hive during the emergency summons as the Carbernet attacked.   


  • Despite being bound to a wheelchair, Sylvette was shown to be able to move it at very fast speeds, to the point that Largo Lloyd considered using her as another Express Delivery Bee in one of the omakes.
  • She and Lag were both born on the Day of the Flicker.
  • Her legs could not be used ever since she was born.