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Tegami Bachi: Kokoro Tsumugu Mono e (Meaning: Letter Bee: Heart Spinning Person) is a Video game based on the first season and a bit of the Second season of Tegami Bachi. And was devolped and published by Konami for the Sony Playstation Portable.

Release date

  • March 2010


The Gameplay is almost like an Console RPG regarding the battles, but the world map is diffrent from RPGs. The players move along the world map in a board game like fashion and have random encounters with Gaichuu on yellow spots on the world map. But players have a limited time to deliver Letters to their destination by the moves the player can make, and can sacrifice a move to heal yourself and reload your Shindanjuu. The player is also tasked to find three items that relate to the delivery and use those to continue the story at the end of the mission.

Diffences from the Manga and Anime

  • One major diffrence is when players start the game, they do not play as Gauche Suede delivering Lag Seeing to Cambel Litus in the start. But Starts the player right at Bifrost after a story introduction, but when you progress through the Story you can see Lag's flashback about that journey with Gauche.
  • There is also multiple Story twists in the game as well, for intstance if the player goes for more of the 'Gaurdian' part for Lag the game will go straight past the Honey Waters arc to after the fight with Noir, (with no Noir fight at all) but the Honey Waters Arc is playable later on.
  • There is also a Video Game exclusive Character, she bears some resemblace to Lily Comfort from the Manga but her Dingo is a large Dog, this Character was revealed to be Ryuri one Letter Bee who was mentioned by Aria Link in Volume 10



  • Dispite there being many Characters, the player can only control Lag Seeing and Niche.
  • There is no North American release date as of yet, this is mostly because the Anime was not released in America and therefore no American voice actors.
  • In Japan there was a pack that people could also buy, that contained the Game, and a new PSP.

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