The Lost Shindan is the 43rd overall episode of Tegami Bachi


Lag is seen collapsed in the hospital bed in Dr. Thunderland's office, as Sylvette comes in to check on him. Nearby, Dr. Thunderland is explaining to Niche that Noir was just acting like Gauche, and that he is still Noir as he suspected. Sylvette strolls in on their conversation and calls Dr. Thunderland a liar.

Meanwhile, Zazie is talking to a fisherman, and asks him if he has seen a gaichuu with wings. The fisherman responded telling him some kids were talking about it crashing near Shark Cape. Per his discovery, he sends Wasiolka to ask for backup from the Headmaster.

Soon, Zazie runs into trouble as he encounters some boy hanging from a cliff and tries to help him only to run into a gaichuu. He starts fighting it and defeats it, and he encounters Jeel the marauder.

The marauder questions him, and then chases Zazie. Meanwhile, Noir and Roda are seen with Garrard and Valentine on a boat heading toward a place where Roda was long ago. The cave the boat wanders into is a place where the Ones Unable to Become Spirit were left to die. Noir inspects the territory only to find a couple of young looking ones, to which, they rescue onto the boat.

Garrard then goes into detail on the projects that were conducted by the Amberground Government:

  1. To observe and make adjustments to the artificial sun using the airship.
  2. A plan was in place to create artificial spirit using Spirit Insects.

The government apparently tried to create more creatures from this power, as Garrard alleges, and this was all to make the sun brighter.

Largo Lloyd questions and realizes that Gauche lost his heart while he was in Akatsuki, so something might be worth investigating there. Soon, Lag leaves to look for Noir. As well, Wasiolka brings the letter summoning backup for Zazie.

Back in Zazie's fight, 2 more marauders for Reverse come and point guns at Zazie before he fights and defeats them. Soon, Zazie sees the Cabernet, but has to deal with Jeel again. Jeel mentions he is guarding the Cabernet, so Zazie challenges him.

Lag comes, and sees the Cabernet. He attempts to shoot it to no avail. Lawrence argues with Lag about shooting the Cabernet and about Lag's purposes. He claims Lag has no chance in helping Gauche, and then offers Lag to realize his purpose by submitting to Lawrence.