The Ones Unable to Become Spirits is the 25th overall episode of Tegami Bachi and the final episode of Season 1 before Season 2 begins.


Hunt's flashback is further shown, with he and Sarah leaving the circus once the people lost interest in his monster hands. The two of them wandered into the outskirts of Honey Waters and were attacked by a gaichuu; however, Gauche and Roda appeared and rescued them.

Soon, Gauche encountered a man named "The One Unable to Become Spirit", the leader of Reverse, an anti-government group. He asked Gauche to join his group and appeared to tell him the truth about Sylvette's condition. However, Gauche refused to join and left.

The townspeople of Honey Waters discovered Hunt and Sarah and were frightened by Hunt's monster hands. Sarah saved Hunt from being attacked by lying that they were "the Ones Unable to Become Spirits" and were responsible for the killing of the gaichuu.

After witnessing Hunt's flashbacks, the townspeople threw rocks at the couple, but Lag defends them, and in turn Sarah wanted to defend Lag instead. Most of the townspeople remained anti-government, while Hunt and Sarah left the town in Connor's carriage to go to the Bee Hive, where Dr. Thunderland would hopefully remedy Hunt's hands.

While heading back on foot themselves, Niche is confronted by a young girl named Roda, and Lag finally encounters Gauche (who is actually "Noir"). However, the former Letter Bee (Noir) no longer remembers him and, instead, steals his letter. Lag runs after "Gauche" to help him jog his memories, but the man claims to be a Marauder named Noir, and shoots him with a shindanjuu. Lag is mildly wounded; laying on the ground and watching tearfully as Noir and Roda leave. Lag soon becomes unconscious.