The Promised Land is the 13th overall episode of Tegami Bachi


A man named Promessa Prometas returns to withdraw the delivery of his letter. A rich man named Galador constantly pursues a woman named Pistis for her hand in marriage, but his real motives are to take her land and rights.

Lag and Niche encounter Galador after he is rejected once again by Pistis. Upon learning the letter is from Promessa to Pistis, Galador and his servant treats Lag and Niche to a dinner. Later, Galador is gone, while Promessa catches up to Lag.

He explains that he doesn't want the letter to be delivered to his fiancée, Pistis. He made a promise to marry her once his dream to be a scholar has been fulfilled, however he was afraid that she would not accept him since five years have already passed.

Soon, Lag finds the letter missing, stolen by Galador while he was asleep. Meanwhile, Galador threatens to destroy Promessa's letter if Pistis doesn't hand over her land rights to him. Lag, Niche, and Promessa arrive to take back the letter, but the contents inside are spilled out over the field, creating a rapidly grown bed of flowers. Promessa explains that he bred these flowers to fulfill part of the promise with Pistis. After that, he asks her hand in marriage, to which, she accepts.