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Yodaka (ヨダカ) is the lowest class district of Amberground. Being the farthest district from Akatsuki, the man-made sun in Yodaka appears about as bright as a full moon. Yodaka, being the lowest class district, has citizens who live in poverty. There are few jobs one can get in Yodaka, and even fewer Letter Bees travel there. There are many roads suited for travel, but in order to avoid the occasional Gaichuu, it is wise to simply take the train. Bifrost Bridge is the only bridge that crosses into Yuusari from Yodaka.

Locations in Yodaka

  • Coza Bell
    The birthplace of Lag Seeing and also the place where Gauche picked him up as a 'letter'.
  • Blue Pumpkin Mountain Range
    The southern mountains of Yodaka and a dangerous region where the Gaichuu Daikiri lives. It's also a place less traveled.
  • Blue Notes Blues
    A glacier village in the north. It has a cave called Blue Notes Scale where the legendary creature Maka and Niche's sister live. It is also the birthplace of Niche.
  • Jose' White Sand Desert
    A place where the Gaichuu Bukkazu live in.
  • Cambel Litus
    Located in the southernmost part, it is the port town where Lag was delivered to and where he was raised. Pirates are also known to drop in from the open sea; like an illegal harbor.
  • Broccoli Forest
    A lush forest of huge trees that resemble broccoli. It is also the territory of the Gaichuu Four Roses.
  • Kyrie
    Aka Dead End Town. Where Bifrost bridge, which leads to Yuusari, lies. It is also known as a post town, a place also where many travelers can rest on their journey. One of the hotels there is Cold Case Hotel.
  • Breath Mint Gelato 
    A village located in the mountains. It is northeast from Yuusari. The route leading there is said to be filled with Gaichuu.
  • The Mountain of Juerce
    A mountain that is filled with snow. It has a village with people living there. The mountain is located west of Amberground, and it is one of the places that celebrate Holy Night.
  • Pistis' Land
    A large land owned by Pistis Falcett. The place has many routes/paths cross through it, meaning lots of travelers cross this place.
  • Yuusari Orphanage
    An orphanage that exists in a town that was once at its peak in economy when its Spirit Amber Mines were still filled with Spirit Ambers.


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