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Yuusari Central, 13 Nocturne Way, Head Post Office Beehive (Season 1: Episode 07)

Yuusari (ユウサリ) is a location in the Tegami Bachi series.


The region of Yuusari is located in the middle of Amberground, and is the second closest region to the sun. The amount of light received in this region is similar to the amount of light found at twilight.


This district is populated by the middle class of workers in Amberground. It is a better place to live than Yodaka, as there is more business and larger cities. The people here are slightly wealthier as well.

The capital of Yuusari is the city of Central Yuusari, which is located quite close to the region of Yodaka. It is a large city that is surrounded by a stone wall, and is the heart and booming trade center in Yuusari.

Nocturne Row is the main street in Central Yuusari. You can find many craftsmen here, from cartographers to blacksmiths, as well as the famous bakery shop and arms dealer-ship, Sinners. The bread there is apparently amazing.


Former Residents

Places of Interest

The central office for the Amberground National Postal Service, known as The Bee Hive, is located here. This building is thought to be one of multiple Bee Hives scattered through Amberground. Sinner's Bread and Weapon's shop is here as well, as well as Sylvette Suede and Zazie's homes.

Other Locations

  • Hill of Prayer
    The city in the center of Yuusari that can feel closest to the "light" of the artificial sun. A favourite place of Gauche and Aria.
  • Honey Waters Town
    A small town northwest of central Yuusari, the base of anti-government activities. The spring water in this town is toxic and not for direct consumption.
  • Holden Caulfield
    West of Yuusari. The place where the research ship Progress was built.
  • Astor
    The location where the crash of the airship took place 12 years ago on "The Day Of The Flicker".
  • Olympia River
    It is the river commomly seen by people when crossing between the outer and inner parts of Yuusari by bridge. It was a commom place where Elena, Darwin, and Largo Lloyd hanged out and played.
  • Yuusari Local Pub
    It is where the men normal go to have drinks and relax after a hard day's work.


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